Cycle Chic for Wet Weather

What do you do when it’s pouring with rain and you’ve got to cycle to work or out on the town? There is a solution

You go to work or off to town and it pours with rain. What do you do? Usually, you pull on a baggy rain jacket and equally unattractive waterproof trousers.

Arriving at work or the pub, you then stand and drip and almost fall  on the floor as you hop on one leg trying to take your foot out of your trousers. As for you rain jacket? You look like you’ve just come off Ben Nevis.

You’re dry, sure. But as for any attempt at looking nice, that’s out of the window.

Not now. At Fitbitch HQ, we’ve just come across the Water off a Duck’s Back range. Genius!

It looks great, it’s waterproof, AND you turn the belt inside out and put the collar up so you’re reflective.

It’s brilliant! Thanks to our model Jane, who works upstairs from Fitbitch HQ.

Now, if I could just borrow it to get home.

The Livia Cycle Coat, £169