Diary of a Fitbitch beginner: 11lbs lighter in 3 weeks

Our Dream Challenger winner, Becky Taylor,  has lost 11lbs and over 20cms in three weeks and it’s cured her insomnia. Next up on her challenge list? The Kamikaze Obstacle Race…

I expected to lose half a stone in three weeks, which I would have been delighted with. But to lose close to a stone, and to have achieved so many fitness firsts while having fun has been incredible.

After my first week of camp, and the weekend off, I was less apprehensive about week two. I knew what to expect and I’d made some great new friends. I was less sure about how my body would cope.

I soon realised, that I didn’t know what to expect.

Week two and three were each completely different again, from boxing to kettelbells and also a brilliant workout in the playground where we used the swings and slide for exercises. I felt like a kid all over again.

Remembering how easily I’d once been able to scramble over a net, made me determined to get my fitness back. Sessions were challenging but always fun.  How can you fail to enjoy a session which starts with playing, ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’

My biggest ‘wow’ moment in the second week was finishing a session where I’d jogged from the Brighton Wheel to the West Pier. And back. Including step ups, stair and sand sprints on the way. I’m 15 stone, and in the obese category. I never thought I could do that.

All of it was out of my comfort zone, but doing it with others, helped me ignore the inner voice telling me to give up. I felt a huge sense of achievement when I finished and each session gradually built my confidence.

A session in week three involved an Adventure Treasure Hunt. Guess the clue to a location with your team, run there, find a secret treasure and return. Usually for another exercise but it was brilliant fun.

I began to see my shape changing, particularly on my face. When I posted a photo to Facebook, all my friends remarked on it. Although this was as much to do with the exercise as the eating plans and nutrition advice which the camp includes.
I’m no Jamie Oliver when it comes to the kitchen, and I had to google quinoa to find out what it was. I’ve never cooked fish or shell fish and spent 40 minutes religiously washing mussels, terrified I’d give myself food poisoning. I was so pleased when I actually managed to cook a delicious mussel and tomato stew with quinoa.
Week by week, my belly has shurnk and my face slimmed down. And motivating myself to exercise is no longer an issue, despite having spent years unable to get myself out to exercise. Now, I want to.
Even on my days off, I’m planning what to do. On Saturday, rather than having a sleep in, I’ve go to Boxing Belles which I love.
After just three weeks of camp (I had to finish a week early because I’m flying to Mexico on  holiday) it’s changed far more than my eating and exercise habits.
After suffering from insomnia for years, it’s gone. I fall asleep at 10pm and sleep right through.
My next challenge is to do the Kamikaze Obstacle race in a team, as part of the Fitbitch year of Dream Challenges. I’m really excited about it but nervous.
It involves a four mile run, climbing walls and sliding down hills on my bottom. My biggest fear? The embarrassment of not being able to get over the wall and someone else not being to help lift me over. But Fitbitch camps have already proved they can help me achieve things I never thought possible.
So, roll on six weeks, I’m ready to be a Kamikaze. Who is going to join me?