Event review: Votwo Kamikaze Obstacle

We all know how a shot of the dark stuff in the morning can wake you up but just as effective is thick, cloying black mud of a laugh a minute obstacle race like Kamikaze

Tough Mudder, Nuts, Hell Down South, Spartan, here at Fitbitch we’ve done a few obstacle races between us. But this weekend 14 of us, many first time Fitbitches of the ‘I hate running’ variety took on Kamikaze Obstacle Race, in the beautiful countryside in Kent.

There have been many new contenders for the adventure racing crown, with the big American firms coming in all guns blazing, with massive fees for their races. But this small race by events company, Votwo has been running for eight years and costs under £30 per entry.

And what you get for that money is a fantastic atmosphere and lots of natural, man made obstacles, from cloying mud, to streams, lakes, hills and trail running. Our 14 strong women’s teams, and our stand alone HIIT Men, loved it.

There can be few things more enjoyable than sliding down a hillside full pelt with everyone watching on, oohing and aahing in commiseration or admiration. Like all obstacle races, this is less about the ‘race’ and more about the team and helping each other out.

Which was all the more crucial in the final stages of the race, where the built obstacles, included a 8ft sloping wall. Can’t get up? Then a hand, or five, will help.

Kamikaze may not have the big expensive obstacles of bigger, more expensive races but what they do have challenges you whether you’re a beginner or super fit. It all depends on how fast you decide to do it.

Would we do it again? We’re already signing up for our next race and you can expect a sea of purple Fitbitch vests at next year’s Kamikaze.

Find out more about what the race was like for our Dream Challenger, Bec Taylor later in the week.

If you would like to train with us for our next Obstacle race on Saturday August 30th in Surrey, please get in touch. We have negotiated a discount for our team entry. To join our group at the event, follow this link here. We are all entering the 7k lap at 12.40am wave, the only time available. Please email us direct for the discount code.