Marathon shoes

Could this help your marathon training?

Could a training shoe help guard against the over pronation that can occur in the latter stages of a marathon, or a long training run?

That’s the premise behind the Brooks ST5 Racer, £75, a super lightweight training shoe that can be worn for races from 5k to marathon, but still provide the support that some runners may need.

The shoe contains a material in the sole which reacts when, or if, the foot rolls in to provide support when needed. This over pronation can typically occur in long distance races when people begin to tire and roll while running.

But do these shoes work?

It is hard to say without having video analysis of yourself while running at the end of a long distance race, but if you know that you do tend to do this, and end up suffering with painful ITB syndrome after a long race, they may be worth trying.

As for us, while these shoes were superlight weight, belying their chunky look, they did not feel right for us.

But as any runner knows, choosing a shoe is very personal. Or frustratingly, can even feel different depending on your fitness levels from one month to the next.

Hence my cupboard full of training shoes.