MOT massage

Masssage, yoga and foam rolling helps keep you in touch with your body

When most women, or men for that matter, start to exercise or run,  they often ignore the need for massages. Result? Bang, that niggle turns into a full blown injury and all their plans to get fit fall by the wayside.

But if you follow a good stretching protocol, with a regular Yoga for Runner’s class, foam rolling and sports massage, you can stay on top of your game. It is how the elite do it too.

Even though Jessica Ennis may seem like a machine who never has a  niggle in her life,  she sees her physio, Alison Rose once a week.

‘It’s maintenance and making sure we catch things before they develop ito an injury,’ says Jessica.

Having a mssage can also put your mind at rest and reveal that something you were worried about as being serious is quite common. And it also helps you to engage more with your body, and understand all the cogs that go into making it work efficiently.

Take Jess for instance. She may have a tight hamstring but is it down to her legs? Not according to Alison Rose.

‘Jess might have a tight hamstring that is actually the result of a rib moving out of place because she has been throwing the javelin.’

Of course, we are not all elite athletes and many people put off massages due to cost,which can vary between £25 and £65.

But what is more important? Your health, and ongoing ability to exercise with all the benefits this entails to your mood and health, or four months of exercise followed by a months out due to injury?

We know which we would prefer.

Fancy getting a check up with Jessica’s physio? A full body MoT with Alison Rose costs £95, including treatment and exercises at the Coach House Sports Physiotherapy Clinic

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