Boost your body confidence in a week

Moving your body, setting achievable fitness and healthy eating goals AND reaching those goals are all positive steps that contribute to making you feel body confident. And that’s what our focus is in our one week fitness and healthy eating blasts every week during August in Brighton & Hove, Worthing and Lewes


What is the single biggest obstacle in getting fit and healthy? Often your own mind telling you, ‘No, you don’t have time to get fit so what’s the point of only running once per week, you may as well not bother.’

Or, ‘I’ve just eaten a doughnut. Oh, what’s the bl**dy point now? I might as well forget about eating healthily I’ve got no will power.’

Yep, that big, massive obstacle that gets in your way of getting fit and eating healthily is all too often, you. But it doesn’t have to be. Creating the right environment where you no longer need to rely on will power or motivation is how we help you to transform yourself.

Throughout August, we have one week courses for all levels (whether you’re a new mum, a get fit quick for holiday type, a fifty-plus woman who doesn’t feel catered for by usual fitness companies, or a super fittie who needs some inspiration). All you have to do is turn up, we provide the personalised support, the coaching expertise, the eating plan, the online support via Instagram and Twitter and – most importantly – the fun, camaraderie and support.

Here’s what one of our clients, Nicole had to say about her first experience of a Fitbitch camp on our newest launch in Worthing…

My course with Fitbitch in Worthing was encouraging, motivating & inspiring. I’m loving new experiences, I feel more confident and I’m hugely inspired by the instructors & other members of Fitbitch who are also achieving their own amazing goals. I loved all of it, the variation, the challenge and the fact that I’ve met some fabulous ladies!

Worthing in August runs Mon, Weds & Fri – w/c 8th and 15th August, £40 with 10% discount if booked together

Lewes – NEW LAUNCH w/c 22nd August

Queen’s Park & Hove run Mon – Friday, w/c every Monday in August, £60, with discounts when booked together