Member Only Runs


If you want to run with like-minded women who understand what it’s like to be a beginner and how inspiring and liberating running can be, whether as a time to think, chat, get fit or explore, our members runs are for you.

The runs are all 5km and you are guided by our fantastic team of run ambassadors – or Run Angels, as we like to call them. They started with us as total beginners and now want to pass on their love of running to others.

Each run is no longer than 5km and you decide whether you want to run it with the tortoise and chat group or choose to run with the panthers.

Whatever you do, you’ll develop your running and meet a great bunch of women who will inspire and motivate you to keep running.

PRICE: Autumn-Winter membership runs from September to the end of February 2017, not including school holidays. We charge an administrative fee of £30 to cover costs and it includes a Fitbitch run t-shirt or vest. You can come to your first run for free to try it out but please book via our Members Only Runs on our Booking Page.

Locations rotate through Hove Seafront, Preston Park, Madeira Drive, Hove Park on a weekly basis to provide variety.

Pace Groups

Tortoise 10 min miles and over

You are relatively new to running, are just returning to running or simply enjoy running as a time to chat, breathe and take in the sights.

Hare 9/10 min miles

So , you’ve finally begun to realise you like this running lark and you’re not just a jogger? You’ve even started finding yourself going into running stores more than H&M. You feel faster and are looking to improve. This group is for you.

Panther 8-9 min miles

You’ve been running for a while, or are naturally speedy and are aiming for good race times. You know the difference between Strava and Spotify and use it regularly.

Cheetah – 7-8 min miles

You’ve got the training watch, running shoes for the road and trail and like to try and improve your pace on every run. Running for competition you want to run fast.

Important rules of the Fitbitch road

  • You must be able to run 5km to join the runs.
  • Be polite and run within the pace group you set off with. If it’s too fast, drop back to the one behind and stay within that group even if it feels a little slow. The RunAngels give their time voluntarily to help you run so don’t make it hard for them.
  • On purchasing your membership, you will receive a confirmation with a link to a health form. You MUST complete this before your first run.
  • So that the RunAngels now that you are coming, you must book your members run via our website. Booking closes two hours before the run at 5pm. No booking, no run.


If you become a member of the Fitbitch running community, costing £30 from September to February, you get one 5km Tuesday run per week (except holidays) with our running angels along with 10% off our season passes and exclusive benefits with these running partners:-

10% off shoes and merchandise at Run Store, Hove & Worthing 


10% of all products and treatments, Brighton Apothecary


10% off all cold pressed juices and smoothies YouJuice (Thursdays to Sundays only)


Save £25 off your first float experience, £40 instead of £65 at The Float Spa. Plus an ongoing 10% off their float and yoga studio memberships


10% off beauty and holistic treatments at Uniquely Organic EcoSpa