When to start training for the Brighton Half or Spring Marathon

Knowing when to start training for a race, and then executing it correctly, is one of the most important key stages in enjoying both your training for the Brighton Half or a spring marathon and the race itself.

Preparation is KEY to ensuring you reach the finish line feeling this good

Preparation is KEY to ensuring you reach the finish line feeling this good

Of course, when to start training also depends on how ‘run fit’ and conditioned you currently are, your running experience AND what your race goal is. Not to mention your lifestyle and family commitments.

There is no point setting out on a grand, ambitious training plan and forgetting to take into account the fact that you work a 40 hour week, and/or have to juggle looking after your kids and want a social life.

So, what would our advice be?

For marathon virgins, aim for 20 weeks with the first four weeks (and longer if you can) spent on building up strength with a weights class (try our HiiT SQUAD or Marathon Foundations class at 6.15am, 7am or 9.30am) along with your endurance running base; the more you get out running now, on short runs, the more your legs will get used to running which is better for the long term.

Only running the Brighton or Worthing Half? Total beginners should look at a 16 week programme, building gradually, although if you already run 5km/10km regularly, a 12 week plan should suffice. But again, getting out now to do shorter runs will help you to build your base and make it easier long term.

Our course Build Your Base Endurance Trail Running Course (four off-road runs of 10-12km over six weeks) starts this weekend and is specifically aimed at helping runners start their training off on the right foot.

In search of a training plan? Nowadays, ALL the event websites have free downloadable plans that you can follow, as we do on our run club website. But if you would like to make a plan specific to your goals, current race times, as well as number of days that you can run, try the brilliant SmartCoach from Runner’s World.

And don’t forget, that no matter where you live in the world, we offer Online Marathon Mentoring for £50 from November to April. Whatever question you have, whether it is to do with nutrition, what to wear, injury worries or falling behind on your training plan, we can help. (Access to the mentoring group is complimentary to those on the marathon foundations course).