Moving Comfort Juno Sports Bra, £37

When it comes to sports bras, or any bra in fact, I’ve always avoided those with moulded cups. After all, if have a big cup size, why would you want an extra layer of padding?

So, I admit to being a bit put off by the moulded cups when I first saw the Juno bra from Moving Comfort  although it looked good aside from that.

In stylish purple (it comes in a range of colours) it looked nothing like the hammock varieties that so often seem to the stock choice for any woman who wants to exercise and is over a C cup. I still didn’t like the moulding though which only added to my proportions when I wore the bra. Not something that I want to think about when I’m trying to visualise myself as athletic when I’m running.

Putting that to one side though, this bra ticks all the right boxes on everything else.

It is an encapsulation variety which means it compresses and holds securely so you feel completely confident no matter what exercise you are doing. It has three hook and eye fasteners on the back and a cross over design that is both comfortable and would, I suspect, make even those who are bigger feel secure without feeling like they’ve been bound up.

Best of all, it has adjustable front straps so that you don’t have to suffer the ignominy of trying to squeeze the bra over your head to do it up. Or get it off, which is always hard when you’re exhausted after a long run. Simply thread the straps through a hook and loop enclosure at the front and it’s done.

Because of the straps and sturdy cross over design, the worry was that it would rub when worn during long races. But in error, I took this to the Mizuno Amsterdam Half Marathon and it performed so well, neither rubbing or feeling sweaty, that I wore it to run the Beachy Head Marathon too.

I’m still not a convert to moulding but perhaps some women like the ‘modesty’ aspect, as it is referred to.  I’ve got over that beacuse in all other respects this is a great sports bra.

The Juno bra is available in sizes 30C to 40DD.

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