Moving Comfort Sprint Jacket, £80

One great thing about the changing season is the excuse to get some new running kit…

After a glorious Indian summer of short sleeves and running shorts, the weather has turned and heading out for a run requires another layer. But what to wear that keeps the rain off and prevents the wind cutting through you?

The MC Sprint Jacket is a great option and looks stylish too, unlike many options out there that either make you look like a hiker from the 1970s, or is so stylised it is completely impractical to run in.

This has a high neck with a mesh lining to keep you warm without chafing and thumb loops at the wrist. The latter works perfectly to keep the wind from rushing up your arms but it is a bit irritating if you wear a training watch. The only option is to strap it over your sleeves.

With a draw string at the waist and two pockets, it is also a tight fitting jacket without being restrictive.

The jacket comes in Gem (purple as in these pictures) Crimson or Black, and while it has reflective strips on the arms and at the neck (the latter disguised if you have long hair) it does not stand out particularly well at night.

But how well does it perform in autumn conditions? It keeps the wind out and is rain resistant so is a perfect mid-season or sparkly frosty winter morning jacket. (For the depths of winter, I swear by the OMM Jacket, the only truly waterproof, flexible jacket I have ever found to run in).

I am a big fan of this jacket though because it works as a great crossover piece, looking stylish enough to wear outside of running too.