Pearl Izumi Neutral Road Running Shoe

Nike may once have held the monopoly on colourful, stylish looking trainers but Pearl Izumi, a US sports label which is gradually expanding in the UK, is hot-footing into this stylish but performance quality territory with these fine looking road running shoes.

The Women’s EM Road Shoe N2, £89.99 is aimed at neutral runners with a propensity to supination, which means that you land on the outside of the foot. It features the ‘E:Motion’ midsole, which is designed to help combat supination for better support and biomechanics. They also claim to be super light for better  race conditions, along with the durability to last for long distances.

What we thought:

Despite looking chunky, these are suprinsingly light with a fantastic mesh upper which makes them both airy and comfortable to wear. But as a neutral runner, the mechanics of this shoe which presumably provide support for runners who supinate caused overworking of the muscles on the outside of the lower leg.

If you do supinate when you run though,  these shoes may provide you with just the support you need without the heaviness and rigidity usually associated with other supportive shoes. And while a bit spongey if you are used to mimimalist shoes, they would be a perfect stepping stone for those wanting to try a shoe with less rigidity without moving into barely-there support before being ready.

What we love about them most is their light, airy feel combined with fantastic colours.


Review Note: Please be aware that choosing the right running shoe for you is very individual. Being aware of your running gait, and level of fitness as a runner will – or should – affect which shoe you choose. Always seek specialised running shoe advice even if you are a beginniner. Ideally, try to find a running shope that allows you to run round the block in them first.

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