Running with the Girls #juniorrunning

We all talk about inspiring the next generation but it works both ways, as 8 year old Gabrielle Hall demonstrated at Parkrun last week

Last week, 8-year old Gabrielle Hall competed the Parkrun in Middlesborough in 20 minutes and 30 seconds, breaking the age grade record and her granddad’s personal record. Inspiring stuff.

It just goes to show that feeling inspired by a generation can work both ways.

At Fitbitch, we invite 11-17 year old girls on our Learn to Run 5km and Learn to Run 10km courses for free, if accompanied by an adult. We started it  hoping that mums would inspire their daughters to become healthy and active. And that being sporty is cool, not geeky.

It does inspire them. But what we didn’t account for is how much the daughters inspire their own mothers  to become better, more confident runners too.

‘Running with Romy has allowed me to see a part of her character I’m not sure I would have witnessed if we hadn’t done the course together,’ says Tanya Taylor, who has just completed one of our courses with her 12-year old daughter. ‘I see how determined she is, how much she can push herself, and how much she likes to be challenged, both physically & mentally.
‘I love that my daughter and I get to share the experience of running together, it’s inspiring and allows her to see that I’m not JUST a mum!’
Perhaps Romy puts it more succinctly:
‘Doing the course with my mum is great because she inspires me to lead a healthy lifestyle. And we can get quite competitive when it comes down to our sprint finishes!’
As for Gabrielle, it sounds like Great Britain could have an Olympian on their hands. At Fitbitch, we do help create faster runners but always with fun at the heart of it.
If you want to know more about junior running and Parkrun, read the article we wrote for Women’s Running and Running Fitness magazines about junior running HERE.

Our next Learn to Run 5km and 10km courses start Tuesday 17th February with our qualified adults and children’s coach, Kate and are bookable online.