Seared Tuna & Chilli Samphire Salad

Delicious summer eating – and great for a bikini bod!

Capitalise on this great weather and start a healthy eating habit now with this delcious meal which takes less than five minutes to prepare. The only requirement is that the tuna (you could also use salmon) is super fresh.

Serves 1

One fresh tuna steak

1 handful of samphire (fresh and in season now)

For the dressing, 1/2 Bird’s Eye chilli and garlic, Tamari sauce, Fish Sauce, Rice Wine Vinegar, Lime and inch of finely chopped ginger

Optional: 1 tsp of toasted seasame seeds

Make the dressing and marinade the tuna for as long as you like (you don’t need to do this). You can cut it into thin slices now or flash grill on a griddle pan (no oil required).

Meanwhile, put the samphire in a pan of boiling water. Leave for 2-4 minutes, drain and rinse.

Serve the tuna on the bed and samphire and pour over the dressing. Finish with a sprinkle of sesame seeds.