The Wonder Ball

Runner, cyclist or just workout a lot? If there is ONE piece of recovery kit you buy this is it…

While I love my Grid Foam Roller, if I had to choose one piece of recovery kit that I could not do without, it would be the massage ball.

It’s small so you can take it with you wherever you go in the world (and I have, from Mumbai to Majorca, Darjeeling to Devon). Yet despite it’s size, it works to relieve niggles and aches and pains from the obvious  – plantar fasciitis, to piriformis, tibalis anterior niggles (what would feel like shin splints to some), calf tightness, hip pain, shoulder pain and even tight hamstrings and quads.

(The trick with calf muscles is to place the ball on a book, then your calf on the ball. For your back or even piriformis, use it against a wall. And for the hamstring, sit on the ball on the chair where you have a tight spot, then straighten and lower the leg).

You might ask, why not just use a golf ball, tennis ball or even the relatively inexpensive spiky massage balls? I’ve used them all and I swear by this. It’s just different. Trust me.

The TPTherapy massage ball costs from approx £20 via