Track Sin or Style?

New York Magazine is currently calling US 800metre track and field star, Maggie Vessey, the most stylish woman on the track. What do you think?

After losing a sponsorship deal with New Balance earlier this year,  32-year-old Maggie Vessey, an 800-meter champion from Soquel, California ditched the standard vest and pants for designs that would more  usually be seen on the catwalk.

In an interview with Runner’s World last month, she explained that she had begun collaborating with L.A. designer Merlin Castell.

“I do want to draw attention to the sport and maybe give people who aren’t necessarily interested in track and field a reason to be interested,” she said.”But it is a very authentic expression of who I am, and I now have this opportunity to be able to put that out there, be bold, and take a risk.”

While I used to hate having to wear athletic pants on the track – which felt more Bridget Jones than sleek athlete – I’m not so sure I would have felt comfortable running in these get ups. But we applaud her willingness to stand out and be different. It’s like our#run loud campaign on another level.