NEW! Beginner’s One Week Running Camp

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It starts in less than four days! Our brand new one week running camp for

total beginners and those returning to running after a break. (Wel also have one for experienced runners, at 6am).

Running is the type of activity that many women want to be able to do. It is also the one group activity that makes most women feel more nervous than anything else.

‘What if I get left behind?’ ‘I can hardly breathe when I run, it will be so embarrassing?’ ‘What if I just can’t do it?’

If this sounds like you, then this is THE camp for you.

The five day camp will incorporate a little bit of running but mostly, the focus will be on technique and strenghtening the foundations of your running so you can develop and progress your running without injury and mostly importantly feel confident.

Above all of that, it is about making running enjoyable (yes, that really does happen!)

Broadly speaking the camp will run as follows:

Day one: Assessment of your biomechanics and technique

Day two: Running strengthening work and technique clinic

Day three: Strength & conditioning – with a few games!

Day four: Yoga for Runners – this is the type of running created for those who might consider themselves yoga school drop outs. No flowing work required but staying in postures that specifically work at opening those areas that become tight when running.

Day five: It’s a surprise – there’s always one with a FitBitch camp!

Some of you may think, ‘I’m just not a runner.’ But two thirds of the runners in the picture below started with us thinking the same (there were smokers, ex party girls, whiskey at 2am girls, you can imagine the rest) but ended up running not just a 5k with us, but eventually a half marathon!

If you want to learn how to run with a great bunch of women sign up soon! there’s just six spaces left.

The camp runs Monday to Friday, 7-8am and costs £65. There are just 6 spaces left in the beginners camp.

It will take place in different locations along the seafront, meeting on the first day at Hove Lawns. The yoga session will take place at Natural Bodies on Bond Street.

From zero to half marathon - FitBitch runners rock