Fitbitch Reviews, Brooks Pure Grit, £95

November 7, 2012 at 12:03
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Pure Grit

If you’re a fan of off road running, you will appreciate how important trail shoes are particularly in the winter. But do Brooks Pure Grit provide enough grip in the grit?

One thing is for sure, you won’t be missed wearing these neon orange shoes which have been developed with the help of ultra runner, Scott Jurek. But stylistic issues aside (and they do come in violet/Blue and brown/aqua too) these shoes don’t grip as much as I would like.

Perhaps because Brooks have attempted  to keep the shoes reponsive, in a bid tom ake you feel in touch with the ground, sthe design has yielded too much to the trend for minimalist footwear. It means that the lug pattern on the sole is sleek rather than rugged and this is telling, particularly in sticky mud where they don’t provide a grip that is much better than my normal road shoes.

If you don’t tackle the hard stuff , these shoes would do the job and are perhaps more ideal than more rugged versions if you transition between tarmac and trail  (my current fave, the Salamon Speedcross feel like football studs on the road). But for secure traction on any terrain, they are not quite up to the job.

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FitBitch Reviews…Anita Active Momentum Sports Bra

July 4, 2012 at 3:07
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Louise, far right

Every month, women’s magazines are full of must-have sports kit to buy. Yet, when you take their advice you can often find that while they look great, they don’t live up to the performance hype.

That is why we are starting a new series on our website, FitBitch  reviews. This is where real Fitbitches, women of all different shapes and sizes, who exercise regularly, will put fitness and exercise gear to the test. We will help you know whether something is really worth spending your money on.

Tester: Louise Carpenter, 44, an illustrator  and mum of one

How tested: running, outdoor fitness camps, and boxing

What they say: Maximum support with ultimate comfort

What our reviewer said:

Aniva Active Momentum Bra, £47


‘I’m a size 32G, and have never found a bra that fits, and this was also small on the cup size.  It meant that everythng was pushed up so any chance of wearing a vest top was out of the question.

The good things about the bra are that it has padded support straps, so it doesn’t dig into your shoulders,  and it loks great with silver mesh against black. But I’d rather it performed well rather than just looked good.’

Does this get the FitBitch seal of approval? No

Anita Active Momentum Sports Bra, £47. Available online from or call 0208 446 7478.

If you have a sports bra which you think could be the solution for women who need support, let us know.

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