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New Season Shoes – Brooks Autumn Winter 2012

September 14, 2012 at 4:23
Posted by Rachael Woolston


While Grazia, Stylist, Marie Claire, Elle and The Observer magazine are full of this season’s new heels and winter boots, we are just as excited about the Autumn running shoe collection.

Back in July we were invited the view the Brooks Pure Collection range, which boasts three different shoes to suit runners from neutral to over pronation – the Pure Connect, Pure Flow (both £95), Pure Cadence, £100, and their trail shoe version, Pure Grit, £95.

These are cushioned shoes and so are not barefoot but are Brooks version of an entry level to minimalist running. They include  a toe flex which allows the big toe to function independently for a a more efficient toe-off propulsion and are much lighter than other traditional running shoes on the market.

For runners used to supportive shoes, these will feel  noticeably lighter and more natural and would be good for experienced runners who want to try something less supportive. For those used to a more minimalist shoe though they may feel too restrictive.

I have run in the Pure Cadence shoe for over a year, and while I liked them at first, I now find them too structued and they make my feet and ankles feel restricted. But the Cadence is their most structured shoe in the line so  the other types might feel different.

Plus, Brooks are due to launch Pure Drift in Spring 2013, for a more natural feel.

Our other top picks are the Pure Grit, which has been developed with the help of one of the world’s greatest ultra runners, Scott Jurek of Born to Run fame. TheMen’s Running Editor was also raving about this shoe at the launch and we are currently reviewing these, along with the  Racer St 5, £75

This latter shoe could be the answer for those training for a marathon as they are super light shoe, but feature cushioning that kicks in when you are tired.

As you run long distance, your muscles fatigue which can dramatically change your stride, gait and bio mechanics causing many runners to over -pronate. This is when the support of the Racer St 75, would kick in providing support.

Midway through my training for the Lake Garda Marathon in October, I will be reporting back.

All that tech stuff but what about how they look? We are loving the colour ranges, particularly those with our brand colour purple.

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