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Review: Salomon X-Scream City Trail, from £70

June 9, 2014 at 4:20
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Trail running is becoming increasingly popular but is there a need for a trail shoe for the city? Running coach, Emma Harwood tries Salomon’s urban trail shoe

Designed to inject the mountain spirit of trail running into the city streets, these shoes felt incredibly light and comfortable with soft cushioning. They have what the manufacturers call the ‘Seamless Sensfit’ which cradles your foot, so you feel supported throughout the run.

Despite feeling light, they weigh in at 290g,  not the lightest compared to other trail shoes which can come in at around 150g. This perhaps reflects the fact that they have extra cushioning compared to trail shoes because of their use in an urban enviroment.

Sadly, the aspect that I disliked the most was a stiffness to the shoe, which made me feel as if my feet were slapping the pavement as a run. The exact opposite of providing that feeling of freedom of movement that you achieve when trail running.

As for whether they work on trails through the city parks, yes but only on dry trails. These sheos claim to give traction on any surface but the grips on the sole would not leave me feeling confident about running on muddy trails even in city parks.

Style wise? Usually, we love Salomon shoes but these didn’t even look as good as they usually do.

In trying to make an urban trail shoe, I’m not sure they have succesfully pulled off creating a good road shoe, nor trail.

Performance: ***

Style: **

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