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#womens100 – women’s cycling

July 21, 2014 at 11:47
Posted by Rachael Woolston

On July 20th, as part of our new women’s cycling initiative #fitbitchrideseries, we joined Rapha’s bid to get 8000 women cycling 100km

Hot, hot, hot, is how the day started and ended. But with a bit more sweat, grime and chain grease, etched onto calf muscles and smeared on faces, at the finish.

Cycling 100km is no mean feat. Add on almost 50km more, as some of us did, and it becomes a battle of mind over aching muscles and fatigue (unless your name is Anna Stavrianakis, who is a champion cyclist in the making).

But six of us took part last weekend, with two of the Fitbitch crew, Paulina Alwin and Elouise De Santo, both beginners, doing the ride with the Breeze Network. Set up to encourage more women into cycling, all their rides are free and perfect for beginners.

Meanwhile, another five (one cyclist met us en route) rode almost 150ms, out and back to Box Hill in the North Downs, which formed part of the Olympic cycling route.

Summiting Box Hill, the cafe was full of cyclists. Still, mostly male but at least we knew our contribution to Rapha’s campaign, #womens100, helped swell the numbers of female cyclists out on their bikes around the world that day to 7538, just shy of their 8000 target.

Here at Fitbitch though, we are not content to sit back and increase participation for just that one day. Our ongoing target is to see women getting on their bikes and being part of a competitive, but supportive cycling community.

So why not join our #fitbitchrideseries? You can read about it more HERE.

It is completely FREE. All we ask is that you participate, both in taking part AND in helping out. This will mean taking your turn in helping to ride at the back of a group, and ride/lead at the front of a group that suits your pace.

If you are a beginner who just wants to cycle socially, the Breeze network is the ideal solution.

Alternatively, the #fitbitchrideseries is about training for an event, whether it’s MTB women’s only race, Stilletoes on Wheels, or a cyclo sportive. This does NOT mean that you have to be super fast or super fit. Just willing to train to improve and enter races. We will have different paced groups suitable for different speeds.

We have workshops coming up on bike maintenance, how to ride in a peloton, single track MTB and much more. To find out more visit our Timetable. All of the specific details of training rides will be posted in our closed Facebook group.  Request to join HERE.

 Our Boxhill ride in numbers

Cyclists: 5

Total kms: 146kms

Cakes: 1 banana chocolate, 1 Victoria sponge, 2 flapjacks

Water: 15litres. Approx.

Bike crashes: 1

Bike falls: 3

Punctures: 0

Success: 100%

Enjoyment: 100% (except last Devil’s Dyke climb).



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Bec Taylor: Diary of a Fitbitch Beginner

June 29, 2014 at 3:58
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Since starting camp in March, our Dream Challenger, Bec Taylor has lost over 2 stone and 6% body fat. Not to mention taking on her first triathlon


Are you often put off doing something because you’re scared you won’t be able to do it? Welcome to the reality of life for Bec Taylor, and many millions of woman the world over. But since winning our Dream Challenger competition, Bec Taylor has learned that if you set yourself a goal, and have the support, nothing is impossible.

In her late thirties, Bec started with us less than 16 weeks ago, weighing in at 15st 10lbs with a BMI of 32.6,  which classified her as clinically obese. She hadn’t exercised in a decade.

Fast forward to today, and she has lost 2stone 1lbs, 6% body fat and her BMI has dropped to 28.4. Even more amazingly, she’s gone on to having completed her first sprint distance triathlon. Next up on her list? Our Advanced Body Athletic Camp, and taking on both the Brighton Half Marathon and Marathon.

Limits? The only limits are those that you impose on yourself, as Bec is beginning to realise.

‘I’m by no means a secrete athlete,’ she says. ‘I was an overweight, unfit person and wasn’t quite sure I could manage a triathlon when I took it on.

‘I didn’t own a bike, had never ran 5kms and  hadn’t swam front crawl since school.

‘But with Fitbitch support, encouragement, motivation, and the focus of a goal, I’ve come out the other side feeling amazing with such a sense of achievement.

‘Now, I look back on all those times when I  might NOT have done something because I wasn’t sure whether I could and realise how silly it is.

‘If you set your mind to it, and just decide to try it’s amazing how you can make all your dreams a reality. ‘

If you want to experience a similar transformation, don’t miss our Summer Body Beautiful Camp for beginners, start July 7th at Queen’s Park and Hove.  It includes a SBB nourishing eating plan if the full camp and assessments are booked.





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