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Four Simple Ways to Combat Weightgain in Midlife

September 28, 2022 at 1:10
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Take time out for you, running, walking, meditation to combat stress in midlife

Slow it Down

In our go, go, go culture and the pressures of juggling family life, work and training, how many of you find breakfast is a grab and go affair, squeezed in on the commute or gulped down before your first meeting?

‘When you’re rushing around or eating at the desk, we end up eating without chewing, but this is where your digestion begins, ‘ explains Fitbitch founder, Rachael Woolston. 

Food is mixed with saliva, beginning the all important process of breaking down food that will reduce bulk in the stomach.

It should take you at least 20 minutes to eat a meal. Do it when you’re sitting down, not reading or working. This means your brain has time to receive the message that you are full.

Boost Your Gut Microbiome

The diversity of your gut microbiome plays an essential role, not only in how the stomach functions but also has an impact on our emotional and physical wellbeing. 

‘Our stomach doesn’t use oxygen to function, so fibre is vital because it helps to fuel the stomach to breakdown food,’ explains Siobhan.

Lack of fibre, and overuse of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, which we often use for injuries and niggles can also deplete the bacteria diversity in the gut.

The more diverse the bacteria in our stomach, the more efficient our bodies become at breaking down fast release fuel items like sports gels and sweets that we consume in training or racing.

Understand Midlife Changes

During perimenopause and menopause, the hormonal shifts that we experience means that it’s common for women to develop intolerances to certain foods. So you could develop a sensitivity to things like gluten and dairy, leading to bloating.

Resetting the gut by giving it a break can allow the body to adjust and recalibrate.

Chill Out

Your day to day work and lifestyle will tend to activate a stress response and stimulate the sympathetic nervous system.

This causes the adrenal glands to produce the stress hormone cortisol, or the fight and flight response, which triggers the body to hold onto more water  and diverting the body from physiological processes that are seen as ‘non-essential’ , including digestion.

Plus, elevated cortisol levels can lead to elevated blood pressure, again triggering the body to retain water, resulting in bloating. Recovery in the form of sleep, walking, meditation or yoga are vital.


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Renew You

August 31, 2020 at 6:15
Posted by Rachael Woolston

If you’ve just spent the summer holidays looking after the kids (or the bottle of rose wine and barbie) get back your energy, and nourish the soul, along with your body with our Renew You four week course.

Workouts to build strength and energy, along with outdoor yoga, Pilates, (0ptional) sea dips and more. This course is aimed at not only getting you in shape physically but mentally too, leaving you recharged and ready to take on the Autumn.

Choose from 6.15am or 7am. Early Bird coupon ‘renew’ expires 8th August 2020.

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Rise and Shine

June 30, 2020 at 6:30
Posted by Rachael Woolston

With our Strength and Serotonin 30 minute virtual online classes, delivered via Zoom.

Throughout lockdown, we’ve been helping dozens of women feel connected, supported and even losing weight.


Working out from home means you’re able to do more sessions, more consistently and that adds up to a big change in body composition.

Suitable for all ages and levels (our online community goes from 25 to 62), join us for these 30 minute sessions.

No equipment needed. We provide body weight versions of any exercises where we use kettlebells.


Classes times

  • Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 6.30am and 7.15am
  • Wednesday and Friday, 7.45am


Virtual classes cost £5

Outdoor classes, which are also live streamed are Tues and Thursday and cost £8.

Monthly classes with priority booking on outdoor sessions cost £90, making classes less than £3.


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Body Athletic

August 12, 2019 at 6:15
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Get the glow – a workout guaranteed to give you a satisfying just worked out ache

Remember the summer of 2012 and how inspired everyone was by the women of the Olympics. Well, get ready because we’re bringing back one of our most popular courses, which draws on the workouts of athletes like Jessica Ennis, Dina Asher Smith and the like.

We will challenge each of you who comes to find your own inner athlete, to move your body in ways you may never have done before, and work on building your strength, mobility and more.

It doesn’t matter what your age, your body is capable of achieving amazing things and we’re going to help you realise this.

Get fit, get strong, get lean.

Available at 6.15am and 7am.

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#fitbitch10in10 – Come on a wild camping adventure

June 7, 2019 at 7:10
Posted by Rachael Woolston

If you fancy getting away from it all, it doesn’t have to cost the earth or take up hours. Reset and reboot with us on our one night wold camping adventure this June 14th…



You don’t have to go hiking up mountains in the Himalayas to have an adventure. One of my absolute favourite things to do is to go wild camping. There is nothing more freeing than packing a sleeping bag, jumping on my mountain bike and spending the night out under the stars.

Witnessing the sunset, hearing the birds singing, sheep bleating and watching the sun rise again the next morning is a truly magical experience. There are not many moments in life when you can simply just be, but wild camping gives us that unique connection to nature. So, settle down in your sleeping bag and join us for a mini adventure on our #fitbitch10in10 wild camping challenge.

Here is all you need to know about having a wild camping adventure:


A sleeping bag, sleeping mat and layers to keep you warm through the night are the basic essentials, including a hat, thick socks and a couple of layers of clothing. Even on the warmest days it can get chilly in the middle of the night and keeping toastie head and toes ensures an easier night’s sleep. 

If you have a mini camping stove that isn’t too bulky to carry, it is a luxury to be able to make hot drinks, but a flask of hot chocolate for the evening and another for coffee in the morning is also sufficient. 

A bivvy bag provides protection from dew and damp but isn’t essential on a dry, warm night. 

A phone/camera to capture the sunrise!


Don’t expect to get much sleep

Wild camping is an opportunity to witness the life around us, don’t expect to sleep as you would in your own bed. It is a wonderful experience sleeping under the stars and the peace of being outdoors at night is to be treasured. Expect a bit of discomfort, but it is worth it for the sunrise in the morning. 


Take snacks

It’s nice to enjoy some delicious snacks on to munch and a Kindle so that you can read in the dark

A camping stove or flask of hot drinks 

It is comforting to have a hot drink before bed and nice to wake up to a flask of coffee, most decent flasks will keep coffee hot until morning.