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How much exercise should you do to see change?

August 27, 2022 at 2:32
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Many of us were sold the idea that just a bit of walking a few times a week would help us get in shape. It is better than nothing but if you really want to lose weight, change body shape and improve your health, it’s not just about consistency but HOW you exercise that makes the difference…



Strength Training

What does strength training even mean? It could be body weight, you could use a kettlebell, dumbbells, anything that is heavy enough to create a challenge to your muscles so that they are forced to adapt and change.

If you’re NOT lifting weight and only running or doing yoga, then you’re missing out a major part of your fitness training that helps to balance your hormones (did you know that lifting weights increases your levels of testosterone which can be beneficial if you are going through a particular hormonal stage of life?), and lowers your risk of type two diabetes, stroke and heart failure.

And for all those women who worry that it will make them look bulky, it is very hard as a woman to bulk up. Strength training helps to generate muscle mass, which is more active than fat tissues, meaning that the more muscles you have, the more calories you burn.

If you are not lifting weight regularly, particularly if you’re in your forties or over, re-think your workout routine. Strength training will radically change how your body looks.


Cardiovasular workouts

Trying to lose weight by running?  Cardiovascular exercise (when combined with healthy eating) CAN help you lose weight BUT the crucial factor is that it needs to be of moderate intensity – about 85% of maximum heart rate.

For a very few people, walking briskly will represent 85% of max heart rate but for the majority of us, this or running at a conversational pace will not.

So, if you want your running to help you lower your health risks, and your weight, you need to increase the intensity of your runs a few times per week.


Social fitness

Studies show that loneliness, or social isolation can increase your health risks by up to 32 percent. So, not only is exercising with others or being part of an online group easier because you’re motivated and inspired by others, just being with others could help increase your ability to avoid health risks.


If you would like to work with me online or in person to lose weight and feel great, email to find out how I’ve helped hundreds of women transform their body shape, fitness and confidence since 2009.


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Renew You

August 31, 2020 at 6:15
Posted by Rachael Woolston

If you’ve just spent the summer holidays looking after the kids (or the bottle of rose wine and barbie) get back your energy, and nourish the soul, along with your body with our Renew You four week course.

Workouts to build strength and energy, along with outdoor yoga, Pilates, (0ptional) sea dips and more. This course is aimed at not only getting you in shape physically but mentally too, leaving you recharged and ready to take on the Autumn.

Choose from 6.15am or 7am. Early Bird coupon ‘renew’ expires 8th August 2020.

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Rise and Shine Live Online

March 24, 2020 at 7:15
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Choose from

 6.30am-7am or 7.15am-7.45am

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday


Wednesday and Friday

Join us for our live 30 minute morning online boot camp classes.

Stay active, boost your mood and keep your day and week structured.

Great fun, effective – and we can still check up on your technique!


£5 per class payable online


Pay, £90 (£3.21 per session) for a full month with access to all classes including Sunset Yoga Online (choose FB Challenge Live Online on the booking page)



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The Strong & Supple Body

February 3, 2020 at 6:15
Posted by Rachael Woolston


Pic credit: Tee

Having a strong, supple body brings confidence and improved mental well being.

Building strength can be one of the most empowering workouts that you can do. But it is also, the one that has the most impact on your body, health and body shape, particularly if you are aged late thirties upwards.

This is because you start losing muscle mass, and this impacts not only how your body looks, the movement of your body AND your hormone balance.

This four week course (or drop in for three weeks to miss the half term) will work on building your superwoman body, using metabolic circuits and kettlebells, body weight and core to create a strong, supple body.

You’ll be left feeling ready to take on the world.


Choose 6.15am or 7am. £120 for four weeks, £95 for three weeks not including w/c February 17th).

Use the code makemestrong at checkout for discount off the four week course. 

Eating plan additional.

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Get the Glow

November 4, 2019 at 6:15
Posted by Rachael Woolston


EARLY BIRD CODE GTG4 expires 11th October for 5% saving.

Experience the beauty of autumn mornings and fill up with feel-good endorphins with this fitness boosting, strong and lean six week challenge.

  • Including a pre and post assessment to help define your goals
  • An eating plan
  • Personalised goal setting
  • Feedback every session to help you stay accountable

Whether it’s getting in shape, or starting your base training for a Spring marathon, this is the perfect course for you, led by founder Rachael Woolston, with over a decade of experience in transforming women’s fitness, and performance.

Donn’t just expect results, but spectacular sunrises and crispy mornings that will leave you flooded with good vibes and an amazing community of women to work out with.


Available at 6.15am and 7am.

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Body Athletic

August 12, 2019 at 6:15
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Get the glow – a workout guaranteed to give you a satisfying just worked out ache

Remember the summer of 2012 and how inspired everyone was by the women of the Olympics. Well, get ready because we’re bringing back one of our most popular courses, which draws on the workouts of athletes like Jessica Ennis, Dina Asher Smith and the like.

We will challenge each of you who comes to find your own inner athlete, to move your body in ways you may never have done before, and work on building your strength, mobility and more.

It doesn’t matter what your age, your body is capable of achieving amazing things and we’re going to help you realise this.

Get fit, get strong, get lean.

Available at 6.15am and 7am.

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Spring Reset 5 Week Challenge

April 22, 2019 at 6:15
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Spring is HERE! Hurrah, the mornings are ablaze and the nights are getting longer and it’s time to shed off those winter layers, in more ways than one!

This five week course is all about resetting your health, well being and fitness. We’ll combine strength training with fun, cardiovascular fitness like boxing to help reset your metabolism which, in turn will help you reset your hormone balance. We will combine this with Pilates style exercise and outdoor yoga to help you nourish and reset your stress response which typically leaves you in a fight or flight overload day in and day out. And we’ll round all this off with a reset Spring eating plan, helping you to reset healthy eating habits and lose weight.

For any fitness level, these courses are small groups so you’ll get personalised attention and focus.

Available 6.15am – 7am or 7am – 7.45am

***Please note date amendments due to holidays**

Week One – No Easter Monday – camp will run Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 

Week Three  NO Bank holiday session – week will run Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 

Payment Options:

£160 for the five week challenge. This does not include a personal assessment which is an additional £30 for both the pre and post assessment.

We do have some early bird offers available:

Our 10% off early bird offer will expire on 2nd April or when the 10 available early birds have sold out! Input SR10 at checkout.

We also have a 5% off early bird that expires on the 2nd April or when the 6 available have sold out. Input SR5 at checkout.


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Awaken 4 Week Challenge

March 4, 2019 at 6:15
Posted by Rachael Woolston

The mornings are getting lighter, and the promise of Spring is just around the corner. There is no better time to harness the sense of renewal that comes with the changing of the season. Join us in awakening your fitness and healthy routine with this fun, small group four week challenge.

We’ll assess you before and after the course, discuss your goals and set targets. We’ll then help you achieve them with three sessions per week of classes that will work on your cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility, mobility and more. From blisteringly effective boxing workouts to sunrise supple sessions, you’ll be fitter, stronger and slimmer by the end.

Available 6.15am – 7am or 7am – 7.45am

Payment Options:

£175 for 12 sessions, including an eating plan, and pre and post assessment.

£150 for 12 sessions or four weeks, not including assessments.

We have an Early Bird offer of  10% off when the full course is booked. This offer is valid for our first 10 sign ups and ends on 4th February. When booking please use code: A10

5% deals available after and up until February 4th (full course option only) A5


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Strong Body Beautiful 4 Week Challenge

January 21, 2019 at 6:15
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Banish the bloating and exercise away the excesses of the festive period. This four week and fitness and healthy eating challenge will build your strength, create length and flexibility and get you back in shape with an optional, simple eating plan to follow.

Embrace the outdoors, get fit, feel fantastic.

Available 6.15am – 7am or 7am – 7.45am

Payment Options:

£150 for 12 sessions 

We are also offering FOUR Super Early Bird deals of 12.5% off the full course booking by December 1st. Please enter code SBB15 when booking.

Early Bird 10% off full course booking, with only 10 available ,expiring 14th Dec using code SBB10.




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Boxing Belles

September 21, 2018 at 9:30
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Nothing makes you feel more fit and fierce, than doing a Fitbitch Boxing Belles class.

Suitable for all fitness levels, this class combines proper boxing technique for a fantastic, endorphin boosting high with kettlebells for a metabolic high which burns calories too.

For a free trial class, new members only click here

Purchase an 8 class pass for Autumn from 21st September – 23 November NO CLASS 26 OCTOBER AND 2ND NOV

Or  £12 drop in

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ReBoot Challenge

September 10, 2018 at 6:15
Posted by Rachael Woolston

So, you’ve been off on holiday and all healthy eating and exercise has been OFF the agenda? Hey, welcome to the club.

If you’re feeling really unfit and as if you’ve spent most of your summer sipping Aperol Spritz and nibbling food that you certainly wouldn’t share on Instagram, this six week fitness and healthy eating challenge is for  YOU!

We’ll give you a healthy eating plan to follow (a simple one that’s about enjoying food, not enduring it) and you’ll get three sessions of exercise per week over six weeks with us. Each session will be geared towards progressing your fitness, wherever you are at right now. So, you’ll be challenged to help you improve but with exercises that we know you are capable of. That way, you get the enjoyment of working out in small, supportive group with other women while also knowing the fitness solutions we provide are geared towards you.

So, whether you’ve just had a baby and are returning to exercise, you’ve just got back from your summer holidays or you’re heading towards or over 50 and just want to get fit for your own health and well being, Reboot will help you fire up your metabolism, improve your fitness and mobility and help you lose weight and get in shape.

This course will also have our renowned Jessica Ennis Ab section, a core training element within each session aimed at helping you gain the enviable core strength that this mum of two and former GB athlete has. This is one of most popular core training cycles that we’ve done in the last ten year. It really does make a difference!

Beautiful September weather conditions, fantastic fitness company and sessions that are unique and different each time so that your brain and body never get bored – come and join the unique experience that is a Fitbitch course.

The six week course available at 6.15-7am or 7-7.45am costs £175 for 18 sessions, an eating  plan and a one to one assessment before and after the course. (12 spaces)

12 sessions are also available (2 per week or to be used within the course) for £156 (eating plan and assessment not included)


FIRST WAVE EARLY BIRD Book before August 17th using the code  JessicaEnnis at the checkout for 10% discount – but there are only 10 available NOW SOLD OUT (please note discounts will not be applied retrospectively and are only applicable to the 18 session course) 


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Fit Summer Bodies Blitz

July 23, 2018 at 6:15
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Feel good and look even better. For those short on time, join us for a two week blitz, designed to build your core and your confidence.

Courses available 6.15-7am or 7-7.45am. 

You can either use our complimentary eating plan OR you can choose to add on a 5 or 10 day vegetarian meal delivery service which we are running in conjunction with the marvellous Gem’s Wholesome Kitchen, a private chef who cooks for a range of private clients and at exclusive retreats around the world. Details of the price for this service plus further details can be found below. 

Gemma’s Wholesome Kitchen Delivery Service will run from 23 July – 16 August only and is available for 5 days or 10 days (no weekends). You can book the two week option 6-16 August but no meal delivery option. 



This course is all about helping you to build your strength, mobility and fitness from the ground up – or if you’re foundation is already there, to help you reach the next level with your fitness.

Every session is different, working on different muscle groups and different fitness systems, – plus it comes with a complimentary eating plan for those who want to overhaul more than just their fitness.

Expect the unexpected – and a lot of fun!

Our partnership with plant based food delivery service, Gem’s Wholesome Kitchen runs from 23 July – 16 August, (choose 5 or 10 days) so all your nutritional needs are met, helping you to stick to a full two week health kick. (For more details and booking on the Summer Fit Bodies Plan click here).



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Transform in 45 starts June 25th

June 25, 2018 at 6:15
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Get your fitness and shape back on track with Transform in 45 class.


Have fun while building your body

What happens in that 45 minutes? Well, that’s a secret but you can expect a mixture of exercises to help you build lean  muscle, essential to help you rebalance your hormones and metabolism, as well as transforming your shape, fun aerobic work, boxing and more. Every Monday will be different so you’ll never know quite what to expect.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never exercised before or you’re used to exercising regularly, this 45 minute class will be adjusted accordingly to give you the challenge that you need to push outside of your comfort zone which is where real transformation happens.

No single session drop ins. Purchase in four week blocks, £44 although you can extend one session into the next block only with written prior agreement. This allows for holidays/appointments but does NOT cover missing class due to inclement weather . No BANK HOLIDAY CLASS.

Available 6.15am to 7am 

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