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Smash Your PB Parkrun & 10km

April 18, 2018 at 7:00
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Would you love to beat your parkrun time or get faster over 10km? Then join us for our six week speed and pace improvers course on Hove seafront.

This six week course has a 100% guaranteed success rate amongst all our clients who have attended every session. It involves a variety of running based sessions, including intervals and tempo sessions that will help you to improve your stride efficiency, running technique, as well as your speed endurance and stamina. Plus, it’s a fun session that is made all the easier for sharing the experience with other women, who all share a common goal of wanting to improve their running.

It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a slow runner, a medium paced runner or a fast runner, the session is designed to challenge YOUR personal speed to enable you to improve. \

The only pre-requisite for attending the course is that you must already be able to run 5km.

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Run for the Hills

June 8, 2016 at 7:00
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Dates: Weds June 8th – Weds July 27th
(no session on Weds June 22nd and Weds July 13th)
Non members £60
Run Members £50

Drop in session: £12.50


Get stronger and feel invincible with our unbeatable run for the hills course. You will not only learn the best techniques to get you up hills without stopping, but how to run down fast without fear. Most of all, you will improve your speed, efficiency and strength in a supportive environment where improvement is guaranteed.


June 8th Preston Park Velodrome

June 15th: Hove Park The Droveway & Goldstone Crescent

June 22nd: No session

June 29th: Preston Park Velodrome

July 6th: Hove Park The droveway

July 13th: No session

July 20th: Preston Park Velodrome

July 27th: Hove Park The Droveway

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Girls on Bikes – MTB Workshop

August 4, 2014 at 4:30
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Always fancied trying off road mountain biking but been too scared to try? Our first time mountain bikers discovered just how much fun it is during our specialist workshop last weekend as part of our#fitbitchrideseries workshop

Here’s what they had to say about it:

Nicky Binning, Improvers Workshop 

‘It was awesome!! Mark was patient, practical and tailored his approach to suit the group. A great way to build confidence and “have a go” Really enjoyed, lots of fun, great value for money and it’s inspired me. Can’t wait to get out on the trails again.’

Debbie King, Beginners Workshop

‘I loved it! I was so nervous about going, but everyone was so lovely and supportive and Mark was brilliant. It was a great couple of hours.’


If you are interested in future workshops, and mountain biking or road biking we have a free Fitbitch Ride community training for events. It doesn’t matter WHAT level you are, only that you are committed to training for events.

Our next workshop will be for road biking where you will learn how to ride in a peloton…and perhaps more importantly, how to fix a puncture!

To become part of our #fitbitchrideseries, click HERE to become part of our online Facebook community.

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Running Classes

October 29, 2012 at 3:05
Posted by Rachael Woolston



Learn to Run 5km and Learn to Run 10km

You’ve never run before or have not run for a very long time? This course is for you helping you to build your distance and confidence.

Run Fit

This class uses resistance band and body weight exercises to help you get stronger for running and is combined with short two – four minute running intervals to help you either build your distance or speed, depending on what you want to work on. Fun, inclusive, supportive. (Combine with Learn to Run 5km to get two sessions per week absolutely free).

Run Rehab

If you regularly suffer from injuries, are recovering from one or always suffer from niggles, then this course is for you. Six or eight week courses that focus on building strength and stability in the core, gluteal muscles and legs. We use resistance bands, TRX, weights and incorporate yoga for runners stretches and myofascial release. Six or eight week blocks, we do not accept drop ins on these courses.

Yoga for Runners

Suitable for all levels, including total beginners, our yoga classes are specifically aimed at those who run/cycle or are active. Mat based most of the class involves using props to help you maximise the release of your muscles.


Improve to 10km

Can already run 5km and want to build your distance? Join our five week improvers course. All speeds welcome.

Run Rehab

As above.

Run Strong

If you are training for half marathon distance races or above, doing strength and conditioning work and building a strong core will help to make you stronger, faster and more efficient. And crucially help you to avoid injury. Eight week courses we do not accept drop ins on this course.

Smash Your PB

This course is designed to help you improve your speed with interval based pace and tempo sessions. It means that you may run something like 200m, 400m, 600m, and then 400m, 200m with a rest in between. We challenge you to work outside your comfort zone in order to improve your overall speed.  Each session is different and we also work on on the mental techniques to help you become comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. Perfect if you are aiming for a personal best on a parkrun, 10km, half marathon or marathon.

Run for the Hills

Build your strength and speed with this course which involves doing interval sessions on inclines, hills and stairs. We work on techniques for hill running up and down, as well as mental strength and techniques to keep you going when your mind is telling you to stop!


Channel your inner Jessica Ennis with these fun track-based sessions which will help you to develop speed, tempo and great running technique.

Half Marathon Training: Building Distance

Our weekend running courses all start at 5km and build up week by week. We specialise in helping all levels of runners from first time entrants to races to experienced runners achieve their endurance goal with beautiful guided and supported trail runs with our qualified and very experienced running coaches. In Autumn-Winter, we train groups for the Bright10, Brighton Half Marathon, Worthing Half Marathon and the Eastbourne Half Marathon.




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