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Beginners to Half Marathon

November 6, 2016 at 8:30
Posted by Rachael Woolston


At the inaugural Worthing Half Marathon, 2016

Are you taking on your first Brighton/Worthing Half Marathon?

Join our off-road training runs to help build your miles and learn running techniques with our fab female running coaches and inspirational women’s running community – we’ll even be there at the start and finish lines cheering you on at the end.

16 week training plan free to download here


We specialise in getting women to the finish line of their first half marathon feeling strong, fit and happy. Our 16 week training group  (14 guided and coached runs) will help you build from 3 miles (5km) to 13.1 miles.

You will get technique advice, incredible off-road routes so you feel inspired on each run you do with us (rather than having to trudge along endless flat roads) and you will be part of a small training group where you can share your training reward and woes.

Over the last eight years, we’ve helped dozens of women build their distance, helping them to become half marathon runners when they believed they’d never even get out the starting blocks.

You can pay for the course, or if you’re not sure you can make all of them, pay for a drop in run pass or an outdoor season pass. Click here to read more about payment options.

You will be sent a list of all the meeting points for the runs a week before the training begins.

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October 14, 2016 at 6:15
Posted by Rachael Woolston

If you are training for endurance events of half marathon distance races or above, strength and conditioning work to build the muscles and core strength to run well and prevent injury is vital. Drop in for £12 (limited spaces) or book and the entire eight weeks.

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Celebrating Runuary – run every day in January

February 1, 2016 at 10:01
Posted by Rachael Woolston

This January, we invited women to join our online Facebook group and attempt our virtual challenge of running every day.

It didn’t matter how far or fast, it was just about keeping consistent. It has been an absolute blast. Some managed it every day, right the way through the month. Others were inspired and ran more than they would otherwise have done so. We’ve had runners clocking up runs in Paris, Switzerland and Bangkok. But what else has it achieved ?

In terms of statistics, only counting those who ran every day, we clocked up a total of 947.3 miles (some ran 33 miles in a month, others up to 200 miles) and climbed 51,732 feet. This is the equivalent of running to Scotland and back. And with the peak of Mount Everest standing at 29, 035 feet, we scaled it almost twice.

But statistics aside, it is the positive effect that it has had on those who took part that has been most impressive of all.


Runuary made me realise that everyone finds it hard to get out the door when you are busy with work, family or feeling tired. But where there is a will there is a way. As each woman reported back on their run it built up a real buzz about our love for running and seeing so many windswept smiling faces of women enjoying themselves along the way was so motivating. Rain or shine, everyone kept running. Not forgetting the funny posts along the way too – carpark dashes, unisex showers, who’s bum is it anyway?! I think I’ll actually miss Runuary!

Kaz Thomson


This challenge has changed the way I think about running, which is now something I fit in everyday. Getting fitter and having looser jeans is a positive consequence.  It was only this time last year that I took up running and after covering 100 miles this month, I’m beginning to feel like I can call myself a runner. My hallway is gradually filling up with muddy trail shoes and soggy trainers as my husband and kids, 8 and 10 are joining in too. We’re now all chasing Parkrun PBs! Thanks to Fitbitch for inspiring us all to get out there and enjoy the benefits, no matter what the weather.

Sarah Crosier

Runuary has not only inspired me to run more but I am enjoying it, which is something that has not happened for a very long time. I have always run alone as I was worried about holding up others. What I realise now is that when you agree to run together, you run at the slowest’s pace whatever that is. Running with others has motivated me to get out there, helped when I was flagging and I’ve got to know some fabulous people #bettertogether.

Laura Marshall

Runuary has been a revelation, helping me to focus on process over goal (running every day regardless of speed or distance) and it’s made me stronger and happier. Sharing daily stories in the online group with other runners – moments of triumph or sheer bloody-mindedness, fast or slow runs, new or experienced runners – has built a bond between us that will last well beyond the month.

Anna Stavrianakis

I started Runuary late on Monday 4th Jan so in my mind, I need to do three more days. I certainly have not done the mileage that all you inspiring ladies have done but the fact I have got out there every day is quite an achievement for me. Thanks for the challenge, support and motivation!

Vanessa Lewis

Last day of Runuary, 6 miles. Felt like 10!! Uphill into snow and ice but wonderful nonetheless! Despite not managing every day I have got my run mojo back, big thanks to the Fitbitch crew yet again for the inspiration!l

Tor Del Federico


Runuary formed part of the FREE Fitbitch Challenge Community 2016. Join our community for free, pick a selected challenge every month and win fitness rewards not to mention having your most fitness focused year ever.

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