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Would you tweet what you eat?

October 8, 2012 at 5:32
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Show me a woman who always eats what they are meant to (i.e. lean protein with a healthy proportion of low glycaemic carbohydrates and good sources of essential fatty acids) and I’ll believe in Tinker Bell.

The truth is, we ALL go off the rails now and again – or perhaps stay off with a few minutes on the right track. And all too often it is because we do not hold ourselves to account.

After all, think back over your worst diet demeanours, and how many of them have been secret chocolate binges? Or else a quick handful more of what you are not meant to eat, while you are in the kitchen alone just before you take out the dinner to the table?

Now, Twitter is presenting a new way of dealing with this issue.

Simply post a full description, or even a picture of what you have eaten with the hashtag, #tweetwhatyoueat.  Followers of the hashtag can then act as a giant, collective conscience or support you, if you’ve done it right.

Admittedly, this might sound horrific to some but if nothing else, it also helps you face what you are eating. You may say that you already do, but do you really.

We’ve forgotten the number of times we’ve thought to ourselves, ‘Wow, I’ve hardly eaten anything today,’ before the flashbacks of little snacks here and there  throughout the day have gone off in our memory, like a paparazzi’s flashbulb at the Cannes Film Festival.


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Are you ready to take on the Ennis Challenge?

September 17, 2012 at 1:58
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Looking ab’solutely fantastic

We all love Jessica Ennis, not because she is a champion but because she is such a modest champion. And then of course, there are those abs!

OK, so yes we should be happy with the fantastic figures we have, but who wouldn’t love a tummy as toned as Jessica’s?

Of course it takes hard work as her coach, Toni Minicheillo admits that the Olympic hepthalon champion does 150 sit ups, in five sets of 30 repetitions every single session to create a strong, core that looks this good.

But of course the real secret is that every type of abdominal work is different. Do the same thing and the body gets used to it, shock the body with an exercise it hasn’t done before and the muscles are forced to work harder.

Well, here at Fitbitch boot camp this month, we are undertaking our own challenge with every single one of our campers doing the Ennis challenge six days a week (four sessions in camp, two sessions with personalised homework). So, you can expect some impressive looking, toned torsos from our graduate campers this month.

Want to be in with a chance to do the same thing? If you live in Brighton don’t miss our next camps booking soon (details on  What’s On).

Live outside Brighton? hen don’t forget to subscribe to our blog to hear information about our YouTube channel coming soon along with the 28 Day Ennis Challenge.

Jess Ennis is wearing the new adidas women’s spring summer collection available at from January 2013. She wears Supernova Racer Bra, M10 Short and Techfit Perfect tight

Photograhy: Hamish Wilson



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3 of the best free diet apps

July 20, 2012 at 4:17
Posted by Rachael Woolston


Keeping track of what you eat can be tricky. But with the advent of Smart phone applications there has never been a better time to keep on track of your food intake with easy to use technology that makes keeping track simple. Here we try out three of the most popular.

1. Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker – My Fitness Pal
Recommended by two colleagues at Fitbitch HQ, one of whom lost a stone in two months,  this app has a cult following. Search the database of over one million foods, which includes calorie and nutritional content, and the app will deduct the calories you have consumed from your daily allowance. Add in exercises from the database and gain calories back.
We love:  The bar-code scanner – just  aim your iphone camera at the bar-code on a food packet and the app instantly reads and uploads the nutritional value of what you’re eating. Brilliant.
Thumbsdown: This doesn’t address the issue of portion size as you could be overestimating – or more probably underestimating how much you are eating.


2. Calorie Tracker Lite – LIVESTRONG.COM
This takes into account your weight, height and diet goals to calculate your daily calorie allowance, and the app then deducts calories for the foods you enter, or ups your calories for exercise. With each meal-time representated as a ‘plate’ which changes colour when info is uploaded,  this is fun to use and has a huge database of over 1.3million foods and exercise options.
We love:  That it’s fun to use and has the best exercise database so that after going for a 30minute run I could see that I had managed to cut back another 200 calories – great for motivation.
Thumbs down: With 50 different options for hummous, it took us longer to find the snack than to eat it.

3. Piatto – Portions Matter
Whatever your diet choice, Paleo, Low GI, low fat, nothing works if you overdo your portion sizes. This app is one of the few that tackles this issue, one of the  biggest (excuse the pun!) causes of weight gain for most women.

Select foods from a database, fluck through photos of portion sizes to choose the one that best matches your plate and tap to input – you can even erase part of the photo for greater accuracy.
We love:  …and frankly also hate, just how clearly this illustrates how much we overeat.  What looked like an average portion size of pasta pesto actually contains 765 calories. Brilliant for making you realise how much you are overeating across all the meal options.
Thumbs down: It takes ages to scroll though the photos to find the right foods and it is very Americanised – Grits or Dorritos for breakfast anyone?

Do you use a different food app, which you feel has it all? Let us know.

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The hidden sugars in healthy foods

Posted by Rachael Woolston

We all know that eating chocolate and cake is not good for our waistline. But the foods that cause just as much of a problem are the innocent seeming ‘healthy’ foods that you eat because you think they’re doing you good.

Take Special K, whose TV advert  was recently banned for misleading viewers on its calorie content. Boasting just 114 calories per bowl, Kellogg’s failed to mention the 100-odd calories in the milk.

Far more worrying though is that this so called ‘low-calorie breakfast cereal’ contains double the amount of sugar found in cornflakes and three times that of Weetabix, and yet is marketed as a breakfast cereal that is good for those wanting to lose weight.

Forget fats, what dieticians are now recognising is that it is sugar that is the biggest cause of weight gain and obesity in the world. Why? Because your body can only store so much energy from the sugars in carbohydrates in the muscles, the remainder is stored as fat.

And that is not to mention the effect it has on insulin levels which can eventually result in diabetes.

The UK Department of Health recommend that women should consume no more than 50g (10 tsp) of sugars from carbohydrates per day.  And we are not talking the kind of sugar you put in your tea, but sugars from carbohydrates which are found in everything from bananas to potatoes and pasta.

So, if you are really serious about losing weight check the nutritional content because it isn’t the occasional piece of chocolate or cake that you need to worry about.  Instead, cook from fresh, switch cereals for eggs or homemade mueslis, and forget packaged foods which are some of the worst offenders.

Sugar and strife: five foods you might think were innocent

  • Dolmio Bolognaise Pasta Sauce: 10tsp of sugar per jar (the same as a can of coke!)
  • Tomato Ketchup: 1tsp per large serving
  • Baked Beans: 2tsp per tin
  • M&S Count On Us Muesli: 4 tsp per bowl

For meal ideas ‘with no hidden sugar’, see some of our Fitbitch recipes.

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Slimming salad, Grilled Radish, Fennel & Asparagus

May 31, 2012 at 1:41
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Summer salad

No time to cook? That’s no problem because ‘cooking’ healthily actually takes less time than going out to buy something.

This delicious, summery salad takes less than 15 minutes and can be used as a side dish for four alongside grilled meat or fish, or as a main for two poeple.


150g radishes, halved

Bulb of fennel, sliced

200g of asparagus, trimmed

Juice of one orange mixed with 1 dsp of olive oil

For the dressing

1/2 red onion, chopped

2 tbsp baby capers

Freshly chopped dill

Juice of one orange and lemon

Salt and pepper

How to make

Dress the vegetables with the oil and orange mix, and place on a hot griddle pan. Grill on both sides, ensuring they get a nice griddle effect.

Meanwhile, combine the ingredients for the dressing. Once cooked, dress and serve.

Delicious with white fish such as sea bream or sea bass.






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How much are you ‘really’ eating?

March 12, 2012 at 12:37
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Oops, I forgot I'd eaten that

So, you’re not losing any weight despite the fact that ‘you’re hardly eating anything.’ How many times have you heard yourself or your friends say this?

Yet are you really aware of what you are eating and how much?

To help you pinpoint where you are going wrong with your diet try keeping a food diary using the free IPhone app, Pic Healthy. This is a fantastic, simple device where you simply snap a picture of your food and it keeps a visual food diary for you.

It is far easier, quicker, and demonstrates more aptly where you could be going wrong than a written food diary.

As the old adage goes, the camera never lies. And if you are not losing weight, then 99.9% of the time it’s because you are eating too much.

At FitBitch we will be keeping our own visual diary over the next few weeks which we will share with you. If anyone else is brave enough to take the challenge and share their diary too get in touch at

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