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Fitbitch Exclusive Members Area

June 21, 2017 at 3:38
Posted by Rachael Woolston


Over the last eight years, we’ve coached hundreds of amazing women who have gone on to become firm friends who have continued exercising and racing together.

And to them, we owe the fact that the name of Fitbitch has become synonmous with motivated and inspiring women, who are inclusive of others no matter what their size, shape or fitness level.

To celebrate all the marvellous women of Fitbitch, past, present and future, we are launching a members only area, where you can connect or re-connect with those you have done camps with. It’s a place to share news, feel inspired by the challenges that others are taking on, get inspired to join in challenges as well as a space where we will offer exclusive discounts and member only events.

To join, you need to have attended at least one boot camp since we started in 2008. It’s free to join.

Join now to access our first Fitbitch Sports Day 22nd July by clicking here.


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Beginners to Half Marathon

November 6, 2016 at 8:30
Posted by Rachael Woolston


At the inaugural Worthing Half Marathon, 2016

Are you taking on your first Brighton/Worthing Half Marathon?

Join our off-road training runs to help build your miles and learn running techniques with our fab female running coaches and inspirational women’s running community – we’ll even be there at the start and finish lines cheering you on at the end.

16 week training plan free to download here


We specialise in getting women to the finish line of their first half marathon feeling strong, fit and happy. Our 16 week training group  (14 guided and coached runs) will help you build from 3 miles (5km) to 13.1 miles.

You will get technique advice, incredible off-road routes so you feel inspired on each run you do with us (rather than having to trudge along endless flat roads) and you will be part of a small training group where you can share your training reward and woes.

Over the last eight years, we’ve helped dozens of women build their distance, helping them to become half marathon runners when they believed they’d never even get out the starting blocks.

You can pay for the course, or if you’re not sure you can make all of them, pay for a drop in run pass or an outdoor season pass. Click here to read more about payment options.

You will be sent a list of all the meeting points for the runs a week before the training begins.

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