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What is an IDEAL body fat percentage?

July 1, 2016 at 6:09
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Looking at your fat percentage is a much more effective way of looking at getting healthy and in shape. But what percentage should you be aiming for?

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Before every four week fitness camp, we offer our clients one-to-one personalised assessments where we not only assess their posture and core function but their body statistics too, from BMI to body fat, bone density to bottom width! We even take body pictures too, just so clients can see the effects that four weeks of exercise can and does have on their body tone (don’t worry, these are kept private – but they are very motivating and inspiring!).

But when it comes to body fat, everyone wants to know, just what is healthy?

Firstly, let’s not forget that some body fat is healthy. It helps process nutrients like vitamins A, K, and D, which assist in immune health, blood clotting, and the absorption of calcium. And it protects our organs as well as helps regulate our internal temperatures. It is the other type of fat, called storage fat, which is the result of a calorie surplus that we need to watch.

We are not sure how accurate the picture above is but it gives a good indication of how different percentages actually look on a female body. Below, is a chart which will help you to see where you stand in terms of healthy amounts of storage fat.

And let’s not forget, the storage of fat is a result of eating too many calories, not eating too much fat. Any excess calories whether it’s stored in fat or carbohydrates is turned to storage fat which has implications for your health, not just your waist and bottom line.

If you want help to decrease your body fat percentage, don’t miss our next upcoming camps or book one of our coaches for personal training.


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