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Four Simple Ways to Combat Weightgain in Midlife

September 28, 2022 at 1:10
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Take time out for you, running, walking, meditation to combat stress in midlife

Slow it Down

In our go, go, go culture and the pressures of juggling family life, work and training, how many of you find breakfast is a grab and go affair, squeezed in on the commute or gulped down before your first meeting?

‘When you’re rushing around or eating at the desk, we end up eating without chewing, but this is where your digestion begins, ‘ explains Fitbitch founder, Rachael Woolston. 

Food is mixed with saliva, beginning the all important process of breaking down food that will reduce bulk in the stomach.

It should take you at least 20 minutes to eat a meal. Do it when you’re sitting down, not reading or working. This means your brain has time to receive the message that you are full.

Boost Your Gut Microbiome

The diversity of your gut microbiome plays an essential role, not only in how the stomach functions but also has an impact on our emotional and physical wellbeing. 

‘Our stomach doesn’t use oxygen to function, so fibre is vital because it helps to fuel the stomach to breakdown food,’ explains Siobhan.

Lack of fibre, and overuse of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, which we often use for injuries and niggles can also deplete the bacteria diversity in the gut.

The more diverse the bacteria in our stomach, the more efficient our bodies become at breaking down fast release fuel items like sports gels and sweets that we consume in training or racing.

Understand Midlife Changes

During perimenopause and menopause, the hormonal shifts that we experience means that it’s common for women to develop intolerances to certain foods. So you could develop a sensitivity to things like gluten and dairy, leading to bloating.

Resetting the gut by giving it a break can allow the body to adjust and recalibrate.

Chill Out

Your day to day work and lifestyle will tend to activate a stress response and stimulate the sympathetic nervous system.

This causes the adrenal glands to produce the stress hormone cortisol, or the fight and flight response, which triggers the body to hold onto more water  and diverting the body from physiological processes that are seen as ‘non-essential’ , including digestion.

Plus, elevated cortisol levels can lead to elevated blood pressure, again triggering the body to retain water, resulting in bloating. Recovery in the form of sleep, walking, meditation or yoga are vital.


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Renew You

August 31, 2020 at 6:15
Posted by Rachael Woolston

If you’ve just spent the summer holidays looking after the kids (or the bottle of rose wine and barbie) get back your energy, and nourish the soul, along with your body with our Renew You four week course.

Workouts to build strength and energy, along with outdoor yoga, Pilates, (0ptional) sea dips and more. This course is aimed at not only getting you in shape physically but mentally too, leaving you recharged and ready to take on the Autumn.

Choose from 6.15am or 7am. Early Bird coupon ‘renew’ expires 8th August 2020.

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S&S Summer

May 4, 2020 at 6:15
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Introducing our new four week course for summer, strong, supple bodies. SESSIONS ALSO 7AM-7.45AM.

A combination of strength workouts combined with lots of yoga and mobility for improved movement, unsticking tight muscles and poor movement patterns.

Expect to get much stronger and feel freer, as well as feeling and looking fantastic.

Combine with one of our eating plans for £9.99.



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Fire Up

January 6, 2020 at 6:15
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Blow away the festive cobwebs and get rid of your bauble belly with this four week post festive flab intensive, designed to fire up your metabolism and feel you with feel good, positive energy to help you start the year on a high.

Order the Plant Powered Up eating plan at checkout to gain the full benefits of this post festive season health kick.

If you sign up to this before December 1st, you can enjoy your Xmas, knowing that by mid January you’ll be feeling strong, fit and toned after night a fortnight.

Available at two times, 6.15am or 7am, each session last 45 minutes.

Early bird discount code allows 5% off the full price. Expires December 1st. Enter bellybauble, at checkout.

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Get the Glow

November 4, 2019 at 6:15
Posted by Rachael Woolston


EARLY BIRD CODE GTG4 expires 11th October for 5% saving.

Experience the beauty of autumn mornings and fill up with feel-good endorphins with this fitness boosting, strong and lean six week challenge.

  • Including a pre and post assessment to help define your goals
  • An eating plan
  • Personalised goal setting
  • Feedback every session to help you stay accountable

Whether it’s getting in shape, or starting your base training for a Spring marathon, this is the perfect course for you, led by founder Rachael Woolston, with over a decade of experience in transforming women’s fitness, and performance.

Donn’t just expect results, but spectacular sunrises and crispy mornings that will leave you flooded with good vibes and an amazing community of women to work out with.


Available at 6.15am and 7am.

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Body Athletic @ Preston Park

November 7, 2018 at 9:30
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Join us at this women’s strength class that combines athletic conditioning exercises that are fun and super effective and will help you find your inner athlete, no matter how unfit you might feel.

you can book a free trial session via this link HERE  (new members only)

Block of 6 7th October – 12th December  £60

It is £12 per drop in session or you can book as follows

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Body Athletic @ Preston Park

September 5, 2018 at 9:30
Posted by Rachael Woolston


Join us at this women’s strength class that combines athletic conditioning exercises that are fun and super effective and will help you find your inner athlete, no matter how unfit you might feel.

you can book a free trial session via this link HERE  (new members only)

Block of 6 5th Sept – 10 October  £60

It is £12 per drop in session or you can book as follows



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Fit Summer Bodies Blitz

July 23, 2018 at 6:15
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Feel good and look even better. For those short on time, join us for a two week blitz, designed to build your core and your confidence.

Courses available 6.15-7am or 7-7.45am. 

You can either use our complimentary eating plan OR you can choose to add on a 5 or 10 day vegetarian meal delivery service which we are running in conjunction with the marvellous Gem’s Wholesome Kitchen, a private chef who cooks for a range of private clients and at exclusive retreats around the world. Details of the price for this service plus further details can be found below. 

Gemma’s Wholesome Kitchen Delivery Service will run from 23 July – 16 August only and is available for 5 days or 10 days (no weekends). You can book the two week option 6-16 August but no meal delivery option. 



This course is all about helping you to build your strength, mobility and fitness from the ground up – or if you’re foundation is already there, to help you reach the next level with your fitness.

Every session is different, working on different muscle groups and different fitness systems, – plus it comes with a complimentary eating plan for those who want to overhaul more than just their fitness.

Expect the unexpected – and a lot of fun!

Our partnership with plant based food delivery service, Gem’s Wholesome Kitchen runs from 23 July – 16 August, (choose 5 or 10 days) so all your nutritional needs are met, helping you to stick to a full two week health kick. (For more details and booking on the Summer Fit Bodies Plan click here).



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Dispatches from the caffeine-free front line

June 5, 2018 at 12:54
Posted by Rachael Woolston

I confess. I’m a coffee addict and I love all coffee, espresso, Americano, even cappuccino although my favourite is a short Cortado or a freshly brewed espresso pot in the morning. Yet, despite all that, I gave it up in April. 

Why? Because I asked my clients to go caffeine-free for our Transform Six week Challenge and so I thought, if I was asking them to do it, I should too in support (the fact that I was the ONLY one to do so however, will be something I’ll raise with them all!).

There were a few more reasons too, the fact that I always needed to run to the toilet as soon as I had a coffee (perhaps lactose and caffeine related) and because I had this general idea that I was perhaps drinking a bit too much.

What is too much though? Well, I’d always have one first thing in the morning before I was coaching at 5am, although in truth this would usually only be a few mouthfuls, then one when I got home, and perhaps another couple in meetings or to keep me awake. Doesn’t sound much, right?

Yet, on the first week of giving up, my headaches were just AWFUL! And the desire to drink coffee was like a terrible itch that wouldn’t go away.

It’s funny because, over ten years ago I went to Portugal to write about a juice retreat for The Metro newspaper, where I had to give up not just coffee but food too (lots of juices and broths). But I didn’t get any headaches then and I was drinking similar amounts. And I think that’s because the world of coffee has changed hugely since then.

Back then, you’d get a bit of a weak coffee from Pret and that was about it. For Londoners in the know, Flat White, the Kiwi coffee shop on Brewer Street was the first of it’s kind. Now, there are coffee shops selling fantastic coffee on every street corner (sometimes three within a few shops of each other) and it’s MUCH stronger than it used to be. Everything from how it’s roasted, the blend, the type of coffee bean ALL effect the amounts of caffeine.So whereas a Pret coffee might give you a light buzz, nowadays most coffee will have you gabbling and firing through emails as if you’ve had a shot of something far more illicit than coffee.

Indeed, The Food Standards Agency guidelines released in 2008 recommends 400mg for the average person, about EIGHT cups of coffee. I’d be a gibbering wreck on eight cups!

And another reason why coffee is so hard to give up is because coffee shops have come of age, they’re cool, nice places to hang out so they’ve become a social occasion, somewhere to meet friends instead of going to the pub, a place to go for meetings, hell, even a place to sit and work, where means buying coffee. Which all means that my first three weeks were hell.

While alcohol-free drinks have finally started to move on (Erdinger is my favourite) alternatives to coffee in cafes have not. Decaf coffee, I hear you cry. Well, yes, but I’ve definitely had a buzz of some decafs too which I shouldn’t have done. And if I’d kept the ritual of coffee drinking, I think it was only so long before I’d slip back.

So, what have I drunk instead? I started off having fresh cinnamon sticks in hot water which is really nice, then lemon and hot water and lots of pepper mint tea. I’d have almond milk chai lattes in coffee shops and nip to a juice bars for nut milk based drinks. Delicious, but both are expensive and often full of sugary items.

But gradually, day by day, I found peppermint herbal tea was enough.

It was my intention to return to drinking coffee at the end of our last six week course but then something weird happened. On the last week, when I taught four mornings which required me to get up at 5.15am, and then work all day (often writing features for national magazines) before coaching until 8pm at night, I realised I felt more alert, awake and free of that horrible feeling of being wired WITHOUT coffee.

So, now eight weeks on, I’m still largely caffeine free except for the occasional sip that I steal from my partner’s cup in the morning (I’m not THAT virtuous). The hardest thing now about not drinking it now the craving has gone is the social side; having a coffee after a bike ride, meeting a friend, going for a hot drink and a croissant (shhh!) after an open water swim. I’m not sure the solution to that yet but I’m going to try and fine one.

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Summer Bodies, Hove

June 4, 2018 at 6:15
Posted by Rachael Woolston

EARLY BIRD CODE VALID UNILT MIDNIGHT May 4th. INPUT CODE SBEB at checkout for six week bookings only

£170, six weeks (18 sessions with three personal assessments

£140 for 12 sessions  with 2 personal assessments

Choose from the 6.15am course or 7am. Each session lasts 45 minutes

For those currently on Summer Bodies who would like to add on an extra two weeks week, you can purchase at a special rate below. There are only 4 available at 6.15am and one at 7.00am. This rate is ONLY for those currently on the SB bodies course.

Time Choice



A six week healthy eating and exercise challenge featuring a whole variety of workouts from the world of Pilates, Yoga, Boxing, running, kettle bells, circuits and games, we programme the course to ensure your body is always challenged to keep it changing and you’re always  having fun.

Those who commit to the six week course will get an complimentary one on one assessment before, during and after the course, where we will discuss your goals and measure your body statistics so that you can see the difference from the beginning to the end (four weeks, beginning and end only). The course, as always, comes with our complimentary eating plans which have helped hundreds of women lose weight over the last eight years.

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Spring Transform, Hove

April 16, 2018 at 6:15
Posted by Rachael Woolston

One of our favourite times of the year, Spring is a season of renewal, new beginnings, new energies and new focus.

Channel the natural rhythm of the season with this four or six week course that will help you banish any remaining bulge of the winter past, and transform not just your fitness, health and body shape but your lifestyle behaviour.

By meeting three times per week, with additional support and homework suggestions via Twitter, we help you to feel inspired and motivated to exercise even when we’re not breathing down your neck telling you to do it at camp.

Pilates, Yoga, Boxing, running, kettle bells, circuits, games, we include many unique workouts that work to improve your aerobic and aerobic fitness, strength, flexibility, posture and core. This month marks the ninth year of Fitbitch, during which we have created an effective, hugely fun women’s fitness and healthy eating course that works. And an incredible community of women.

No matter what your fitness or stage in life, Fitbitch works. Come and join us this Spring for our birthday celebration Spring Transform.

Choose between 6.15am or 7am.


All those who commit to the six and four week course will get an complimentary one on one assessment before and after the course, where we will discuss your goals and measure your body statistics so that you can see the difference from the beginning to the end. The course, as always, comes with our complimentary eating plans which have helped hundreds of women lose weight with our courses over the last eight years.

What you get with this course is personalised training in a group environment, all-female coaches who understand your body, your motivations and your goals, whatever age, life or fitness stage you are at right now. And it’s on the beautiful hove seafront with life affirming scenery and invigorating weather!

We don’t do large, impersonal classes, we get to know you, what motivates you and just what you’re capable of achieving in fitness terms.


Our courses are not just an exercise class – we offer you a supportive, fun journey that is as much behaviour changing as butt changing …although it does that too!

Here are your price options

EARLY BIRD CODE VALID UNILT MIDNIGHT April 1st. INPUT CODE ST at checkout. Only valid with full six or four week course bookings.

Six week course, £165 or £148.50 with 10% early bird discount code if booked before April 1st. This includes a one to one assessment and works out at £8.25 per session

Four week course starting  Feb 19th, £140 or £126 with 10% early bird discount code. Same as above but works out at £10.50 per session.

8 single session drop ins, £100 to be used in the first four weeks.


Coaches: Rachael & Tara

Weekly subscription payments valid only for those undertaking the full four or six week course are now also available, £30 for six weeks per week or £35 for four weeks.

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Transform 45, Queen’s Park

Posted by Rachael Woolston

We’re back at Queen’s Park for the summer months, starting off with our Transform in 45 class.


Have fun while building your body

What happens in that 45 minutes? Well, that’s a secret but you can expect a mixture of exercises to help you build lean  muscle, essential to help you rebalance your hormones and metabolism, as well as transforming your shape, fun aerobic work, boxing and more. Every Monday will be different so you’ll never know quite what to expect.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never exercised before or you’re used to exercising regularly, this 45 minute class will be adjusted accordingly to give you the challenge that you need to push outside of your comfort zone which is where real transformation happens.

If we get enough interest in this session we will look at extending it to another session also.

No single session drop ins. Purchase in four week blocks, £44 although you can extend one session into the next block as long it is with prior agreement via email. This allows for holidays/appointments but does NOT cover missing class due to inclement weather . No BANK HOLIDAY CLASS.

Available 6.15am to 7am and 7am-7.45am. 

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Boxing Belles

April 13, 2018 at 9:30
Posted by Rachael Woolston

There is no better way of getting rid of stress and feeling fantastic than a boxing session. And with good technique, it delivers a fantastic all over body strength and conditioning workout, particularly when combined with kettlebells.

This 45 minute class incorporates boxing sessions segmented into three minute rounds to replicate real-time boxing ring conditions, along with a final 15 minute kettle bell workout, to help build strength and stability.

Lifting weights, particularly in your 30s, 40s and upwards is vital for maintaining muscle tissue which, in turn, helps balance and boost optimum hormone health.

If you’ve never tried boxing or kettle bells before, don’t worry, we run through technique and re-instill this even if you have done it before. Good technique means that you use the right muscles which means that you get even better results.

Location: The class takes place in front of the old Bowling Pavilion adjacent to the children’s playground in Preston Park.

Classes cost £12 per session or you can book ten classes to before April 1st 2018 for £100.

Terms and Conditions on 10 classes: Classes are non refundable or exchangeable and must be taken consecutively from April 13th – June 22nd 2018 (no class 25th May).  To book all ten, email You can book individual sessions direct via our booking page. 

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