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Review: Brooks PUREGRIT3, £100

August 6, 2014 at 1:16
Posted by Rachael Woolston

As we slide slowly towards September, we tested the revamped PUREGRIT trail shoes to see if they would help us keep our grip on the off road trails…



Last season’s PUREGRIT trail shoes were a bit of a disappointment. With little tread, they proved to be handy only as a cross shoe between road and minimal dusty trails. Throw a bit of mud and water in, of which there was A LOT last winter season, and they were a slippy choice. Thankfully, Brooks have addressed the issue and the PUREGRIT for AW14-15 are fantastic.

I tested these on a range of trails from the dusty, rock-strewn to the muddy, river side path and I felt sure footed on all.

The only downside was running on a muddy clay surface one Sunday where the mud became packed between the treads, making my feet as heavy as clogs. But checking with the rest of our run clubbers that day, all who were wearing different trail shoes, this was the same with everyone’s shoes.

A few other characteristics of the PUREGRIT worth mentioning includes a rounded heel, designed to help a heel striker roll more quickly forward through the foot. A bit unnecessary on the trail when your biomechanics tend to change as you run up and down hill, but it could be useful for those who use one shoe between trail and road.

And this points to another benefit, which is this shoe can be comfortably worn on trails and on road surfaces without you feeling as if you’re running in studs. It is also a light shoe, weighing in at 145g compared to the women’s Adrenaline ASR GTX at 281g. And THAT makes a difference on a trail marathon, I can assure you.

It also looks good in a fantastic cherry tomato red and buttercup for this season.

While I personally would still choose a more grippy shoe for extreme trails that I tend to run on in the depths of winter, (and we’re talking Lake District and North Wales here) the Brooks PUREGRIT would do the job for most trail runners.

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