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HIIT Men & Women – restarts Weds 5th March

March 3, 2014 at 6:05
Posted by Rachael Woolston

For the last few months, we’ve been running our 30min, halve-your-workout-double your result HIIT camps.

Standing for high intensity interval training, this is based on the scientific principles of the Japanese scientiest, Professor Tabata.

In brief, his study showed that you can get better results from working flat out for short periods of time than longer workouts.

These workouts are perfect if you’re very busy but want to keep fit and in shape (you can do your workout,  have breakfast, a shower and STILL get to work on time). And don’t shy away if you’re a beginner as they can be regressed to help you work to YOUR maximum, for a beginner that could be body weight squats, for an advanced exerciser, weighted squat jumps.

HIIT camps are also great for men and women training for performance.  Cyclists and runners would particularly benefit as our sessions develop both aerobic and anaerobic fitness, not to mention strength gains. This area is often neglected by runners and cyclists but creates the power that can transform performance.

We are now launching a class pass for these sessions, £80 for 10 sessions to be used in 10 weeks. Or, continue to pay £10 drop in. If you are new to us and would like a trial session please email

Classes are every Weds and Friday at Hove Lawns at 6.30am and last for 30minutes and are open to men and women.  Book online via our Prices & Booking page.

Currently taught by founder of Fitbitch, HIIT Men & Women and Fitmuthas camps, Rachael Woolston



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