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Run for the Hills

October 22, 2015 at 7:00
Posted by Rachael Woolston

OK, we won’t be running up Tough Mudder style obstacles. But, on this course we WILL be tackling short hills, long hills and  stairs.

This course is only suitable for intermediate runners and above who run regularly ever week. It is designed to build speed, power and strength and is particularly relevant for any of our Dream Challenge runners undertaking the Three Molehills relay race. But, everyone is welcome!

Location of sessions will vary every week around Brighton and Hove so please be prepared for multiple locations as outlined below. Open to men and women.


October 22nd: Hills – Roundabout, corner of Woodland Drive and Goldstone Crescent

October 29th: Stairs & Hills  – Asda Car Park, Brighton Marina

November 5th: Hills, Hove Park, corner of the Droveway and Goldstone Crescent

November 12th: Stairs & Hills – Asda Car Park, Brighton Marina

November 19th: Hills, Roundabout, corner of Woodland Drive and Goldstone Crescent

November 26th: Hills, Preston Park Velodrome – followed by celebration drink in the pub!

Price: £60

Coach: Rachael

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#breakfast selfies – protein power

August 5, 2014 at 3:28
Posted by Rachael Woolston

We asked our readers to post their best breakfast pictures to our Facebook and Twitter streams, to be in with a chance to win a goodie bag worth £60. But who has won?




To be honest, we’ve had so many fantastic entries that it is almost impossible to decide which is the best. But we’ve whittled it down to our top three which are….

Breakfast egg loaf – a great, easy to do breakfast which looks impressive and can also be cut up into slices for lunch. Packed with protein in the form of eggs and the meat this is adaptable as you can add whatever you like to the egg mix

Egg baked in green pepper – it looks fantastic and is full of colour, which makes you more likely to want to eat it. And it is great if you are trying to lose weight because it is a fantastic protein source.

Poached egg on quinoa cake – this would make a fantastic evening meal too. A bit more involved than the other two, involving the making of a quinoa cake but you could make a batch of this in advance. A brilliant way of ensuring a good slow release energy source with egg without recourse to bread.

So, which of these three gets YOUR vote?


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Beginner’s Guide to Triathlon

July 7, 2014 at 4:16
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Starting with Fitbitch as a fitness novice just over three months ago, Bec Taylor weighed over 15 stone and had not exercised for years. Three camps on and she reveals what it was like to train and race in her first triathlon

Triathlon? That’s just for super sporty athletes, not for the likes of me. Or that’s how I viewed triathlons back in May. I admired triathletes in the same way I admired a heptathlete like Jessica-Ennis-Hill. Amazing, but super human.

Then, Rachael at Fitbitch suggested I train for the Ardingly Sprint Triathlon, (500metre pool swim, 24km bike ride and 5km run) as part of my Dream Challenge year with the Fitbitch free triathlon training group.

I’d swum as a kid but had never run 5km and had not been on a bike for years. In fact, I didn’t even own one. But, I was ready for my next challenge.

My first hiccup was trying to ride my friend’s road bike. The tyres were so thin, I thought they’d pop under my weight and it was so light, I was convinced I’d fall off. I swapped to a friend’s hybrid with a comfy seat, wide tyres and my feet touching the floor in time for our first training session.

It was pouring with rain, and there were winds of over 20mph. But there were still 15 other Fitibitches, all waiting at the swimming pool reception.

After swimming, we all dried off (pointlessly, as it happened) and it was on to a 23km bike ride, with two laps from Hove seafront up to Devil’s Dyke and back.

The faster group were off like a shot, leaving us slower ones to form a second group. Within 500 metres, I was panicking. My knees hurt and I wasn’t going anywhere.

One of the other women told me my seat was too low and so after a quick adjustment, we were off again.

I was so glad to be with a group as there is no way I’d have coped on my own. But on the top of every hill, we shared a few jelly sweets, congratulated ourselves and carried on.

I felt completely out of my comfort zone and there were times that I was unsure whether it was rain on my face or tears. But we survived, cycling back into the park to the cheers of other Fitbitches to face the run.

My legs were like jelly after cycling but somehow, I managed my first 2.5km training run.

I was so proud of myself for having got through it. As I told my friends later, it was the toughest thing I’d ever done. And I had to do it all over again, three more times including the actual event, the Ardingly Hedgehog Tri on June 1st, just three weeks away..

Fortunately, the following weekend’s training session was in beautiful sunshine, and knowing that I’d done it once already made me feel stronger.

That and the support of others helped me throughout my training, especially posting things on Facebook where my friends and even complete strangers would tell me what an inspiration I was. And hard though the training was, the buzz I felt after every session made it worthwhile.

On my final training session, I decided, on the advice of Rachael to try the road bike again. This time, I had it serviced first and adjusted for my height. It was a revelation.

Despite torrential rain on our last training session, I felt strong on the bike, able to push up hills easily and power down.

Finally, the night before the race arrived. I was so nervous, I checked my kit bag three times and started feeling stupid for having purchased an all-in-one Triathlon suit. I’m of the tracksuit and t-shirt ‘hide my body’ kind of workout wardrobe.

A Tri-suit makes it easier because you can swim, bike and run all in the same outfit without having to change. But I was just worried that everyone would expect me to be better than I was because I was wearing it!

I needn’t have worried there were men and women of all different shapes and sizes on the day. Some professional with expensive looking bikes, others like me.

There were 15 Fitbitches racing but we had all entered different swim times, with the slower ones going in first. I was nervous waiting in the pool but it helped to see that so many were as nervous. And while I was worrying about the run, I was better than some there at swimming.

Finally, it was my turn in the pool for 20 lengths,  counted by a marshall who had a noticeboard that he put under the water to signal when I had two lengths left.

From there, I exited the pool, grateful for my tri-suit and headed to collect my bike.

Having spent so many days feeling anxious about cycling, it was fantastic, whizzing through country lanes in the sunshine, with spectacular views of the Sussex countryside and the North Downs.

And this time when I got off the bike, I was prepared for my jelly legs. While they didn’t feel as bad as in training, the 5km run, involving 4 slightly hilly and off road laps of the school playing field, was hard.

To keep count of laps, we were handed elastic bands to put around our wrist every time we passed a checkpoint.

Finally I sprinted over the finish line to the cheers of some of the Fitbitches who’d already finished. It was  an amazing feeling.

As I hung the medal around my neck, I felt an incredible sense of achievement. And I caught myself thinking,  ‘Next time, I’m going to make sure my nose clip is fastened properly on for the swim.’

Yes, I was already thinking that there was going to be a next time!

This has been my biggest Fitbitch challenge so far and having achieved it, it’s given me an inner confidence and belief that my body really is capable of achieving things I thought only possible for athletes.

I was an overweight, unfit woman who didn’t own a bike, hadn’t ever run 5km and last swam when I was at school. But with support and encouragement, and the focus of having a goal to train for, I’ve achieved something that I would have thought impossible just four months ago.

My philosophy now is to just go for it. You will never know if your dreams are possible, in all aspects of life,  unless you at least try.


Taylor’s Tips for Beginner’s Triathlon Success

Test your bike: make sure it’s set up correctly for your height and if you’re unsure, ask. It makes a huge difference.

Be brave: don’t go for the comfy bike option but use a road bike. It will feel unbalanced to start but the difference in the ease and speed on a road bike is huge.

Pack all your kit the night before. And then double check that you have everything.

Invest in a tri suit. You may feel like you look silly but it makes the event so much easier.

Train with  group. They will help keep you motivated right up until the start whistle.


Since starting with us as winner of our Dream Challenger, Bec Taylor has lost over 2 stone and 6% body fat.

If you would like to be part of our next FREE training group for a Cyclo Sportive or MTB ride, join our online Facebook Group, Fitibitch Rides Series.



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Bec Taylor: Diary of a Fitbitch Beginner

June 29, 2014 at 3:58
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Since starting camp in March, our Dream Challenger, Bec Taylor has lost over 2 stone and 6% body fat. Not to mention taking on her first triathlon


Are you often put off doing something because you’re scared you won’t be able to do it? Welcome to the reality of life for Bec Taylor, and many millions of woman the world over. But since winning our Dream Challenger competition, Bec Taylor has learned that if you set yourself a goal, and have the support, nothing is impossible.

In her late thirties, Bec started with us less than 16 weeks ago, weighing in at 15st 10lbs with a BMI of 32.6,  which classified her as clinically obese. She hadn’t exercised in a decade.

Fast forward to today, and she has lost 2stone 1lbs, 6% body fat and her BMI has dropped to 28.4. Even more amazingly, she’s gone on to having completed her first sprint distance triathlon. Next up on her list? Our Advanced Body Athletic Camp, and taking on both the Brighton Half Marathon and Marathon.

Limits? The only limits are those that you impose on yourself, as Bec is beginning to realise.

‘I’m by no means a secrete athlete,’ she says. ‘I was an overweight, unfit person and wasn’t quite sure I could manage a triathlon when I took it on.

‘I didn’t own a bike, had never ran 5kms and  hadn’t swam front crawl since school.

‘But with Fitbitch support, encouragement, motivation, and the focus of a goal, I’ve come out the other side feeling amazing with such a sense of achievement.

‘Now, I look back on all those times when I  might NOT have done something because I wasn’t sure whether I could and realise how silly it is.

‘If you set your mind to it, and just decide to try it’s amazing how you can make all your dreams a reality. ‘

If you want to experience a similar transformation, don’t miss our Summer Body Beautiful Camp for beginners, start July 7th at Queen’s Park and Hove.  It includes a SBB nourishing eating plan if the full camp and assessments are booked.





June 2014

March 2014


June 2014

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Performance Camp

December 20, 2012 at 2:44
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Event-specific training for obstacle races, adventure races, triathlons and more. These specially created experiences create life-affirming fitness adventures before you’ve even got to work or done the school drop. Are you ready to live bravely?


Our performance camps are completely unique. They are targeted to train you for a specific event, whether it is an obstacle race, like the, a triathlon or even adventure race.

Alternatively, if you exercise regularly and are looking for an advanced conditioning course that will help develop your athleticism and body shape, this is the answer.

How does a performance camp differ from our usual camps?

They are specific to a particular event, and are generally more challenging.

All the events in our performance calendar are multi-displinary, and we provide the training know-how and expertise required across all disciplines in order to get you race ready.

And of course, we help with that tricky little thing, motivation.

You have to enjoy something to want to do it, and our camps are small groups so you train in a team with a group of like minded women who become friends for life.

The beauty of our performance camps are that you have a clear goal, which motivates you to train and get fit. And you will be assured a fantastic sense of achievement at the end.

Keep your eye on our Timetable for upcoming performance courses.

**If you are interested in corporate training for a work team, please get in touch

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