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Run for the Hills

June 17, 2015 at 7:00
Posted by Rachael Woolston


For intermediate runners who can run at least 10km, this seven weeks course is part of our Performance segment, aimed at both men and women.

You do NOT need to that you have to be super fit, but it does mean that you need to already be capable of running 10km and run regulary. It does not matter what speed.

Over the course of the seven weeks, we will improve your strength and stability to create a more functional foundation, before progressing on to building speed, stamina and expertise on the up and down of road and off road trail running.

The sessions will be one hour long and will take place on Hove seafront and Hove Park. We won’t be running long distances, but it will include hill repeats.

Any missed sessions can be made up at Hiit SQUAD Uk.

Cost: £70. Book one space and you can bring a friend (who must be new to all of our brands) for free. You will need to book your place first, email us your friend’s name and we will provide an exclusive booking code.

Coach: Lou

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