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Review: Moving Comfort Rebound Racer – Plus Exclusive Deal

January 7, 2014 at 7:00
Posted by Rachael Woolston


Rebound Racer, £39.95 available in B-DD Cup, MovingComfortUK

Hurrah, a sports bra for the generous bust (although only going up to size DD it sadly does not go quite far enough) which does NOT include foam contour inserts. These so called, modesty mouldings just end up making you look like you have had a boob job. Thankfully, there is no such issue with this sports bra, which looks as good as it performs.

Usually, if you want style, you have to opt for a cropped cotton sports bra which may look good but does not provide the necessary support. Otherwise, it’s the hammock style bra in white or black which harks back to women of war time Britain.

Not so with the Moving Comfort, and this is our favourite that we have tested in their range.

It looks great, supports well without making you feel like you are being put into a straitjacket, and comes in a variety of colours from Jade to red, black to purple.

Our only small gripe is that, like many of their other styles, this fastens by way of a hook and clasp at the back with front adjustable straps.  A great idea because it means you can do the back up and then the front, important if you have ever struggled with getting a sports bra over your head and had to dislocate your shoulders to do it up.

But the front fastening straps use velcro and so when you are trying to put them through the hoop at the front, they kept sticking to the material. A minor annoyance and one that we would rather put up with than the alternative – having to get someone to help us do up our sports bra.

And with new research out this week from the University of Portsmouth, which shows how much the breast moves when exercising, wearing the right sports bra becomes even more important.

“We’ve known for some time that the breast moves not just up and down but also from side to side and in and out, and that their is a strong link between movement and breast pain,’ explains Dr Alex Milligan from the University’s Breast Health Research Group. ‘Now we can see exactly where the breast is moving and by how much, this will help us reduce breast pain even more effectively.’

Go without and you may not just suffer from pain but also damage the Coopers ligament, which helps give the breast natural support, permanently.

If you fancy trying out a Moving Comfort sports bra for yourself you are in luck. RunBrighton, Blatchington Road are offering 30% off a range of MC sports bras and 20% off Brooks running shoes.

You must be a member of the Fitbitch running club to get this offer and provide a magic word to get the discount. Email us for the word!


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Review: Moving Comfort Jubralee Sports Bra, £37

September 26, 2013 at 3:56
Posted by Rachael Woolston

I’m definitely one of those women that have been guilty of wearing the wrong sports bra for years. I tended toward cropped cotton bra tops. After testing the Moving Comforts Jubralee sports bra, I don’t know WHAT I was thinking.

The Jubralee bra is incredibly comfortable and I’ve been testing it on all manner of workouts, from long distance running to skipping, boxing, mountain biking and more. It has not only kept me jiggle-free, it’s achieved this while remaining natural feeling.

I confess to being dubious initially as it has an unusual fastening technique, namely fastening at the back with a three clasp hook and eye device (so far, so normal). But the front fastens using shoulder straps which fix through eyelets at the front and bend back on themselves to attach via velcro.

I’m a C to D cup. I envisaged the straps working their way free mid-run. Or at the very least, the eyelets slowly expanding and ripping the fabric over time. None of that has happened.

But the thing I like most about this bra is that it looks good.

So many sports bras are still stuck in that ‘matronly’, hammock style. The Jubralee comes in flattering colours purple and pink, orange and black, as well as black and white, and looks good showing through your top.

My only reservation – and it’s a small one, (er, or not in my case) is that the sizing for this bra is very different to another brand’s sports bra I’ve tried. It meant that this came up a lot smaller than I was expecting. Of course, that can easily be remedied by ensuring you check the size in the shop before purchase.

Definitely a Fitbich kind of sports bra, attractive, stylish, while also performing brilliantly.





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