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Join our #runloud campaign

April 22, 2014 at 4:32
Posted by Rachael Woolston


Running. What does it mean to you?

Fresh air, escapism, a  renewned sense of vitality, peace, and/or feeling confident? Does it make you feel as though you are liberated from your daily grind, if only for a 30minutes or a few hours?

Running is a powerful force that can transform how you feel in all the time it takes to strap on a pair of running shoes and leave your front door. BUT for those of us who run, we also know that it hasn’t always felt this way.

When you first start running, it feels as if the whole world is looking at you. Running tights and compression top? No thanks. A baggy tshirt and a pair of over sized jogging bottoms is the apparel most of us started out in. And even then, it was under the cover of darkness, prarying that you wouldn’t bump into anyone you know.

But with running comes confidence, a time when wearing running tights and a breathable, sweat-wicking top suddenly makes sense. You no longer care what you look like, you are simply proud of what your body can achieve.

Now, we’re calling for YOU to join in this celebration of women’s running confidence with our #Runloud campaign. Forget black running tights, stand out, be counted in the loudest, most colourful leggings that you can get your hands on.

Run proud, stand out, and get noticed. By getting noticed you could help inspire another woman to take up running.

To help encourage you, we are also offering prizes to the best #runloud pictures, either posted to our Facebook page or tweeted to @fbbootcamp. Include the hashtag #runloud.

Our first prize to be voted on by May 10th is 50% off our Summer Body Blitz Camp. Ready to #runloud? See if your running tights can beat our current entrants.








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Fitness clothes for women come of age

July 23, 2013 at 5:02
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Much has been said about the impact, or otherwise, of the Olympics in terms of it’s legagcy on women’s sport. But one area that has definitely beneifted is women’s fitness clothing.

Here at Fitbitch HQ, we can’t help but notice the explosion in chic, stylish fitness clothing for women that is also functional and ticks the boxes when it comes to performance too.

Just a few years ago, as a sporty woman who liked looking good too, Nike was about the only option available, along with Sweaty Betty although they tended to stick to Yoga clothing until now.

Now at last things are changing with Moving Comfort launching big in the UK, along with Australian fitness brand, Lorna Jane Active UK, which launched today. And that is not to mention all the running wear companies finally upping their game with Brooks Running UK, Pearl Izumi and many more releasing some fantastic looking kit for Autumn Winter.  Almost makes it OK to think about the darker days.

Hurrah for chic sports wear for women that will help us perform well while looking good too.

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