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Running with Fitbitch

November 13, 2013 at 12:46
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Runners coached by Fitbitch for Lake Garda 10miles

Whether you are a beginner who wants to learn to run a 5k, an improver who wants to edge up to 10k, or someone ready to take on the half marathon or the Big M, we’ve got a course for you


Weds November 20th – complete beginners to 5k course

A four week course, with a training plan that will help develop complete beginners into confident runners. The first session will involve technique advice, with the following three helping you to build on distance and your core strength. Don’t worry, you won’t be expected to run 5k in those first weeks. Limited spaces left. 7.30pm-8.30pm


Weds Nov 20th – Int. to Brighton Half Marathon

Women’s only course to the half marathon…and let’s face it, as the weather swings between rain and shine, then having your long runs mapped out for you at the weekend so all you have to do is turn up will make all the difference to ensuring you run the distance. You can sign up to just our Weds sessions, which focus on technique and pace, just Sundays (you MUST be able to run 4miles if joining us on BHM runs) or the entire course. There are also drop ins available on this course but priority will be given to course members on our limited group Sunday runs.


Thurs November 20th – ready to run 10k course

Can you already run 5k and want to take the next step up to a 10k? Then sign up to our Thurs evening class 7.30-8.15pm. Again, we will work on your strength and conditioning as a runner to help make you  more efficient and injury free…and you will get to that 10k by the end of week five. 7.30pm-8.45pm


The Running Camp

Want to really commit to your running? If you’re training for the Brighton Half or a spring marathon, then the foundations you put in now will make ALL the difference to your end result.

Running is NOT just about running, but about having conditioned muscles with good range of movement  for better perfomance AND to ensure that you are less likely to be injured.

This three day a week camp, will focus on creating strong, stable foundations for runners. It does not matter about your speed or current distance as only one session will involve running and this will be short, fast interval work to improve your current speeds.

It is open to Men and Women as part of our Performance series (book under The Running Camp) and is only accepting 8 people per camp.


Our running coaching team are made up of Rachael Woolston and Kate Boys, who between them have run close to twenty marathons from Mumbai to Lake Garda, New York to Beachy Head, numerous half marathons, adventure races and more. They have helped coach hundreds of people, from complete beginners to experienced runners to 5ks, 10ks marathons and beyond.

To book individual one to one sessions or online remote coaching with either coach, please call the office number.




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5 Essential Technique Tips for Runners

November 11, 2013 at 3:52
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Anyone can run but can you run efficiently in a way that will improve your speed and lessen the likelihood of injury? Try these five tips…

Supermarket sweep

Many running injuries are caused by overstriding, which often means that you land on your heel in front of the body, causing the body to de-accelerate and more stresses travelling through the legs.

To avoid this,  visualise yourself pushing a shopping trolley where you are trying to avoid kicking the cross bar. This will help you to take smaller steps and land under your hips, typically on your midfoot.

Zip it up

Do you sway from side to side as you run? You are not alone as many runners tend to swing their arms across their body diverting their energy to side rather than forward. To avoid this, don’t let your arms cross the mid or ‘zipper’ line of your jacket. Swinging them forward and back will help prevent you wasting energy.

Don’t crush the crisps

Grip your hands into fists against the cold, or simply because you’re trying so hard, and it causes your chest muscles to contract, lessening the ability of your lungs to do their job. Try running with a crisp in each hand for 100metres and see if you get to the end without crushing them. If not, you’re tensing up. Relax.

Open your wings

Rounding your shoulders and looking at the floor are all typical traits of runners starting out. You need to keep your gaze ahead of you which will encourage your shoulders not to round and encourage good running posture. The best way to do it is to imagine our Fitbitch logo angel wings opening up on your back and pulling your shoulders back. Not to mention carrying you forward.

Place your foot…

Don’t shuffle or scrape your feet along the floor. As a beginner, you can get tired but if you get to this stage, stop.

You should be working to get to the point where your feet are as silent as possible when you land. So ditch the music and connect to your body as you run. Land silently and it means that you are much more likely to land lightly, and to value the importance of conditioning exercises.


If you want to find out more about how running technique could help get you running, or improve your current running we have regular drop in Weds conditioning classes for women only. Our specialist The Running Camp for men and women also starts on November 25th but is only accepting 8 entrants per camp. Click here to book. 






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