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Event Review: Tough Mudder South, 2016

October 11, 2016 at 6:19
Posted by Rachael Woolston

When Sarah Crosier joined us to learn to run back in the summer of 2015, little did she realise that within a year she would have found the confidence to enter an extreme obstacle event. Or a 24 hour relay race, or a marathon. Here she explains what motivated her and how to build  your own confidence to take on a challenge …


When Tough Mudder was suggested as a possible Fitbitch team event, I was reluctant; the thought of running 5 miles through woods, jumping into deep water and crawling through mud was scary enough but most terrifying, was the idea of heights as I have an irrational fear of falling.

But, I teach my 9-year-old daughter to be challenge herself; to be brave, resilient, and to have the confidence and self-esteem to try new things and break out of her comfort zone. As a parent, sometimes you need to put into practice what you say.


Get prepared

To get prepared mentally and physically, I joined a a two-week Fitbitch obstacle training course which took place 4 times a week 6.15 to 7am. This was my first experience of Fitbitch bootcamps as I’ve only previously done their running courses and I can’t tell you how much fun it was.

Activities included running up skatepark ramps, climbing up rope nets and sliding down a fireman’s pole in the playground, plus, beach sprints and running into the sea whilst carrying tyres or my teammates! It was like being a kid again and every day I chipped away at my fears, with the support from the rest of the Fitbitch team.

It was such a fun way of getting fit and strong, playing wheelbarrows which I’ve not done for 35 years and building our team bonding all against the most amazing beautiful sunrises.

By the end of the training camp, our team all had different levels of fitness and skills – some were proficient runners, some were athletic and strong and others were just really fantastic team players who boosted all our egos and morale all the way round the race.tough-mud

Talk about your fears

Those that attended the obstacle bootcamp were already pretty open about their fears, and after practicing climbing ropes and getting fully submerged under water with the support from the rest of the team, I think we were as prepared as we were ever going to be.

We also had an events page within the Fitbitch Facebook group (free to join) to plan what to wear (Capri pants, trainers, FB tshirts and plaits), arrange travel plans and most importantly discuss what we were worried about. I personally felt quite comforted that I wasn’t the only one getting nervous 24 hours before the event!


Do your best

We didn’t all know each other when we got to the start line but we soon did on race day! There was a lot of bottom pushing to get each other over the obstacles and while we all ran at slightly different speeds, everyone waited at the obstacles to help each other out. No one in a purple t-shirt was left behind – and we even picked up a straggler who lost her friends, on our way.

The most challenging obstacle for me was the Berlin wall which was 3-metres-high. The moment I saw it, I said I couldn’t and wouldn’t climb over it. Another member of the group did the same and then at the last minute changed her mind. So of course, I had to try. With the help of 2 women pushing my feet up, I was able to get high enough to straddle the wall and slowly release myself down the other side.


Have fun

The funniest moment was the final obstacle, Everest, a 15 foot ramp coated in mud and grease which sloped back out at the top like a snowboard halfpipe. My legs were  tired and I was cold having been in and out of water but after four tries, I finally managed to sprint to the top and grab the hands of my teammates, only to realise I couldn’t get my leg up. With the help of four team mates who dragged me up while we laughed hysterically, I was finally pulled to safety.

And don’t look down

So did my daughter and I fail our challenges? Well, I missed one Berlin wall out (there were two) and my nine-year-old was short of a few votes so didn’t get into school council this year. But we’ve learned so much from our experiences, feel a great sense of achievement and am ready to take on more challenges.

I’m even tempted (and maybe this was a mistake to put this in writing) to do a full Tough Mudder…. but only if I have my great Fitbitch team mates by my side. I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed it half as much without them.

Review in Brief: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The good

Friendly event where everyone helps each other out. Time is irrelevant. Face your fears in a safe environment.

8am first wave was ideal. Clean toilets. No queues at obstacles. Not too slippery and muddy.

The bad

Warm cider at 10.20 in the morning? I think my head hurt more than my bruises.

The ugly

Not enough Tough mudder event crew en route. A guy had fallen by a ditch in the woods. It took 10 minutes to get the crew to him.

Season Tickets for Tough Mudder 2017 events are now available online.

If you are interested in training with us for any of our Dream Challenges this year or in 2017 email us or join our Facebook group here.


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Obstacle Camp

September 5, 2016 at 6:15
Posted by Rachael Woolston


It’s back, one of our most popular courses ever! This two week course will not only help you to build your confidence to take on obstacle races, it will help build your body and make you fit and strong in a totally unique way while you have the most incredible fun.

From climbing to water workouts (don’t worry, we don’t require you to swim!) this course is all about team building as well as body defining. Whether you are training for Tough Mudder or equivalent, or you just want to have a fantastic fitness focus when you get back from a summer of letting it all go, this is the one.

But be quick because there are only 12 spaces available on this women only course. Please be aware that the course is not in one location but moves along the seafront using the environment to help to create the kind of workouts that you would face on an obstacle race.  For all levels of fitness. All you need is the desire to try new things and the willingness to be challenged.

10% early bird discount ends July 31st. Apply the code Fitmudders at the checkout

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Event review: Votwo Kamikaze Obstacle

May 19, 2014 at 5:46
Posted by Rachael Woolston

We all know how a shot of the dark stuff in the morning can wake you up but just as effective is thick, cloying black mud of a laugh a minute obstacle race like Kamikaze

Tough Mudder, Nuts, Hell Down South, Spartan, here at Fitbitch we’ve done a few obstacle races between us. But this weekend 14 of us, many first time Fitbitches of the ‘I hate running’ variety took on Kamikaze Obstacle Race, in the beautiful countryside in Kent.

There have been many new contenders for the adventure racing crown, with the big American firms coming in all guns blazing, with massive fees for their races. But this small race by events company, Votwo has been running for eight years and costs under £30 per entry.

And what you get for that money is a fantastic atmosphere and lots of natural, man made obstacles, from cloying mud, to streams, lakes, hills and trail running. Our 14 strong women’s teams, and our stand alone HIIT Men, loved it.

There can be few things more enjoyable than sliding down a hillside full pelt with everyone watching on, oohing and aahing in commiseration or admiration. Like all obstacle races, this is less about the ‘race’ and more about the team and helping each other out.

Which was all the more crucial in the final stages of the race, where the built obstacles, included a 8ft sloping wall. Can’t get up? Then a hand, or five, will help.

Kamikaze may not have the big expensive obstacles of bigger, more expensive races but what they do have challenges you whether you’re a beginner or super fit. It all depends on how fast you decide to do it.

Would we do it again? We’re already signing up for our next race and you can expect a sea of purple Fitbitch vests at next year’s Kamikaze.

Find out more about what the race was like for our Dream Challenger, Bec Taylor later in the week.

If you would like to train with us for our next Obstacle race on Saturday August 30th in Surrey, please get in touch. We have negotiated a discount for our team entry. To join our group at the event, follow this link here. We are all entering the 7k lap at 12.40am wave, the only time available. Please email us direct for the discount code.



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Obstacle Training Camp, starts Monday 31st March

March 9, 2014 at 7:38
Posted by Rachael Woolston


Bored of your current gym routine or workout? Want to be inspired and part of a fitness camp that will provide you with not just a workout but an exhilarating, life affirming adventure every morning before work? Then DON’T miss our Obstacle Performance Training Camp starting 31st March.

This is the third year that we have run our hugely popular obstacle camps. In these camps you can expect to build the strength, stamina and fearlessness to climb, throw, carry, crawl and even swim.

It is ideally suited to those who are training for an obstacle race such as Tough Mudder, Spartan, Warrior, Nuts or any other of the current crop of races with obstacles.

Our obstacle camps are NOT for beginners to exercise. But for anyone else who is looking for something a little bit different from the norm, DO not miss your chance of signing up to our Obstacle Camp.

Adventure. Inspiration. Strength. Live bravely.

Early bird deal of £20 off if you book before midnight March 14th.

We have a crew of 15 women taking part in Tough Mudder this year as part of our Dream Challenge 2014 series. You can sponsor their efforts, all money to Martletts Hospice here.

All sessions last one hour and you can choose from a 6am or 7am camp. As part of our Performance Brand, this is open to men and women. No time to train with us? Take some tips from our How to Train for an obstacle Camp

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Performance Obstacle Training Camp, Brighton&Hove Sept 9 – Oct 3 6am/7am

June 22, 2013 at 4:46
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Running in Brighton’ Warrior’s Dash race, or another obstacle race? Or do you just fancy a unique, fun way of training?

Then you’ll want to do this camp to get you in shape. Want to know more ? Hover your cursor over the camp title on our Timetable.  Book by 26th August for our early bird deal!

Order BegObstacleCampSept

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Performance Camp

December 20, 2012 at 2:44
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Event-specific training for obstacle races, adventure races, triathlons and more. These specially created experiences create life-affirming fitness adventures before you’ve even got to work or done the school drop. Are you ready to live bravely?


Our performance camps are completely unique. They are targeted to train you for a specific event, whether it is an obstacle race, like the, a triathlon or even adventure race.

Alternatively, if you exercise regularly and are looking for an advanced conditioning course that will help develop your athleticism and body shape, this is the answer.

How does a performance camp differ from our usual camps?

They are specific to a particular event, and are generally more challenging.

All the events in our performance calendar are multi-displinary, and we provide the training know-how and expertise required across all disciplines in order to get you race ready.

And of course, we help with that tricky little thing, motivation.

You have to enjoy something to want to do it, and our camps are small groups so you train in a team with a group of like minded women who become friends for life.

The beauty of our performance camps are that you have a clear goal, which motivates you to train and get fit. And you will be assured a fantastic sense of achievement at the end.

Keep your eye on our Timetable for upcoming performance courses.

**If you are interested in corporate training for a work team, please get in touch

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