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October 17, 2016 at 9:30
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Want to channel your inner Jessica Ennis? Join us for these fun based track sessions that will help you to become faster and improve you running technique, and all on a beautiful springy track!

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June 6, 2016 at 10:00
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Course dates: Mon 6 June – Mon 25th July

Price: £80 (approx half of this is track fees)

Single Session Drop in: £12


Become a TrackStar this summer with our new athletics track running sessions at Withdean Stadium. As long as you can currently run 5km, this course is for YOU.

You will be amazed at how much your running speed and mental focus develops when doing regular track work. Much more forgiving on the body, and an all out brilliant rush of adrenaline, join us this summer and enjoy your own little taste of the Olympics on home turf.




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Event Review: The Weakest Link

May 24, 2016 at 6:02
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Although some people might be put off by the name of this event, it is one of the most inclusive and fun running events in Brighton. Great for building team morale and suitable for all levels of runners from total beginners to the super speedy.  Here one of our runners, Sarah Crosier gives us her lowdown on the event

What is it: A relay race comprising of four team members. Each member takes it in turn to run 2.5km and then the entire team must run a final 2.5km together, ensuring that the whole team finishes together.

The Route: it is only 2.5km but this does involve some hills – don’t let it put you off though. It’s great fun and everyone is running different speeds so you never get left feeling like your the slowest runner.

The Weakest Link in June 2015, was the first event that I ever took part in with Fitbitch. More a “team event” than a “race”, there were a few super speedy runners from athletic clubs ‘in it to win it,’  but my aim ‘in it to finish it”. On entering, I’d done a few sessions of the Fitbitch hill training, Run for the Hills course but didn’t know anyone and was really new to running but Fitbitch organised all the teams and I found myself as part of a team a few other runners.

Before the day, we agreed that Karen would run the fourth lap as she was our strongest runner. It meant that she would have to run her 2.5km and then carry on running with the team without a break to finish. I’m always nervous on race days, and so I asked to go 2nd to get it out of the way. It also meant that I’d have someone to follow so I wouldn’t go the wrong way like one of our runners ended up doing!

There was a fantastic atmosphere with about 20 Fitbitches and runners from all the local running clubs – while there was racing it was also great for meeting people as there was lots of standing around cheering others while waiting for your chance to run. Plus, the distance is so achievable and it is so informal, it is very relaxed. Some people were even walking up the hills – not me, of course!

Our team was  close to being last (or maybe we were?) but it really didn’t matter. We ran the final lap together and received a massive cheer from everyone as we crossed the finish line. I can’t wait to take part again this year. It’s great fun.

Want to join one of our teams this year? join our online running Facebook group and comment there. The Weakest Link takes place on Weds evening June 22nd. If you don’t fancy this event but would like to join us in training for others please join our Facebook group.

We will be offering a hill training course which would help you run this race, Run for the Hills, (please note this course does not run on the night of the Weakest Link or the Phoenix 10km) as well as helping anyone who is doing any trail events this year.

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