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DreamChallenge Diary: from sofa to Hollywood workouts

May 16, 2014 at 5:18
Posted by Rachael Woolston

When it comes to getting super fit fast, Hollywood celebrity trainers know all the tricks for their famous clients. So how did our Dream Challenger, Bec Taylor fare on the Fitbitch Hollywood Bodies Camp?

The story so far

Bec Taylor won our Dream Challenger competition in February this year. Mission? To become fit, strong and confident. In just TWELVE WEEKS, Bec has gone from 15st 10lbs, with a body mass index of 32.6 to 14st 4lbs and a BMI of 29. Not to mention entering her first Sprint triathlon and Ostacle race.

I had no idea what to expect at Hollywood Bodies camp, with workouts based on those of  Hollywood A-Listers from J-Lo’s butt busting moves devised by her trainer Gunnar Peterson to some of Tracey Anderson’s workouts. I was more nervous this time round about the Hollywood Raw 5 eating plan, based on eating raw, organic food five days out of seven.

On the one hand, I was thrilled about NOT  having to cook (I’m no Jamie Oliver) although there was more preparation involved that I expected. Within the first week, my body started to detox as it got used to no sugars and toxins with a headaches. It was tough at first but once I got into the swing of it, I became a dab hand at mixing fruit and vegetables together and blitzing soaked nuts into nutritious, yummy meals. I even made home-made muesli, (raw) carrot cake and (raw) ice-cream!

As for camp, it was completely new again from things I’d done in the previous camps, with a  mix of celeb workouts, including the Jennifer Garner, Hunger Games sessions, and the Million Dollar Baby boxing sets, courtesy of Hillary Swank. Brilliant fun, challenging and effective.

By the end of four weeks, I’d lost another 7lbs and a further 23cms off my body. That’s 1stone and 6lbs in 12 weeks. But it is nothing compared with the difference all of this has made to my life in general and self esteem.

I used to find it a struggle ot feel awake for my 7am log in time for work. Now, by the time I’ve logged in, I’ve done an hour’s  workout, I’ve walked the dog, made myself a poached egg with spinach and fresh juice and I’m raring to go.

I feel so confident with how much I’ve achieved that I have signed up for 2 races. This weekend I am doing the Votwo Kamikaze race, a four mile obstacle race involving trail running, water slides, and cargo nets, with two of my other Fitbitch campers.  And I’ve also signed up for the Ardingly Sprint Triathlon on the 1st June, which Fitbitch are doing free tri girls beginner training.

It IS scary but they are out weighed by the thought of how happy I’ll feel once I’ve acconmplished these challenges. Once upon a time, not long ago, I would never have thought capable of doing anything like this. But every day at camp, I think ‘Oh, I can’t do that,’ and then I do.

My only regret? Not starting on this path years ago.  I used to use every excuse in the book to avoid regular exercise; ‘I’m too tired.’ ‘I feel ill, I’ll wait until I feel better.’ ‘I’m too busy.’ ‘I’ll embarrass myself.’ ‘I’ll be the biggest there and boot camps aren’t for me.’

On every count, I’ve been proved wrong. Despite getting up for a 6am class, I feel more energised, I work more, sleep better and, I might be the biggest at camp but I’ve had nothing but support.

As for the Hollywood Raw 5 diet, I’m glad to get back to a protein rich diet but I’ve learned a lot. I’m now a lot more aware of the need for healthy fats and that I love juicing. Before Fitbitch, I ate sandwiches, crisps and snack bars. I couldn’t cook.

Now, I can cook things that actually get likes on Facebook.

The feedback I’ve had from friends, family and the other women I train with has been overwhelming.  Everyone keeps saying that I’m inspiring. But I think anyone can do this. You just have to start.

To read about Bec’s triathlon journey from total beginner to a sprint tri, return in June. Her first session involved 20mph winds and riding a bike too small for her with the brake pads rubbing.







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Fitbitch in Top Sante magazine

February 17, 2012 at 11:38
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Fitbitch Boot Camp, featured in Top Sante, March 2012

This month, Fitbitch Boot Camp was featured in Top Sante magazine. It featured our client, Pip Henderson and talked about the effect that our camps can have not just on your figure and fitness but in your outlook on life in general.

Fitbitch founder, Rachael Woolston, was also in Woman’s Own this month talking about how you can work out in half the time and still get fantastic results. Look out for future features in Reveal magazine, Woman’s Own, and

And if you want to try the camp for yourself, then don’t miss our next start dates. It could change your life.


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