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Review: Aqua Sphere Cara Swimsuit

April 3, 2018 at 4:19
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Nowadays more and more women are trying their hand at triathlon, which means getting the right swim suit for all those laps up and down the swimming pool…We tried out the new Cara swimsuit from swim specialist, Aqua Sphere

An Italian brand, Aqua Sphere started out producing swim googles renowned for increased peripheral vision and comfort but have since branded into swim wear for the active and triathlete.

They have a range of female swimsuits divided according to water exerciser, lap swimmer contemporary and lap swimming classic. The Cara swimsuit suits in the lap swimmer contemporary section, which appears to be for women wanting to dip their toe into triathlon training but who prefer the comfort of a more well fitting swimsuit than some of the skimpier ‘race’ swimsuits out there, which can leave many women worrying about how they’re even going to walk to the poolside let alone swim.

So, what did we think?

It is very flattering and super comfortable, without being too revealing at all because it doesn’t cut up high over the hips and it has a inbuilt shelf bust control for those women who need a bit more support. The adjustable straps looked fairly think and as the swim suit has a high back, we were initially worried it would feel restrictive when swimming freestyle but it didn’t impede our stroke too much.

For experienced swimmers or triathletes, the straps at the back and flattering fit might prove a bit of a hinderance and you may benefit more form their lap swimmer classic but if you’re new to triathlon or swimming, want to feel comfortable in the pool and out of it, this is a great swimsuit which would not look out of place on holiday or when training.

Available in sizes 30 – 44 SRP £43.99

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