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WORTHING Summer Bodies

July 4, 2016 at 6:30
Posted by Rachael Woolston

We are coming to Worthing!

Choose between two different camp times:  6.30am-7.15am OR 7.15am – 8am

Join us for this fantastic two week all over body blast that will get you fit, in shape and feeling fantastic. Set right on Worthing Beach, you’ll enjoy spectacular scenery and fitness sessions that will your endorphins sky high


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5 ways to successfully reset your fitness mojo

February 17, 2016 at 1:14
Posted by Rachael Woolston

It can sometimes feel like winter hangs on forever, dragging you into a habit of  no exercise and overeating. Want to kickstart your fitness mojo? Here’s how…


If you like who you work out with, you won’t need willpower to get you out there getting fit

Get support

Willpower? Pah! If you get the right support in terms of a training partner, real or virtual, you don’t need to rely on willpower. Even the coaches here at Fitbitch, whose job it is to be fit, would struggle without the help of others. So, don’t feel useless if your decision to get out and exercise the night before crumbles into a pile of dust come morning. It’s NATURAL.

The trick is to arrange to meet someone, sign up to a running community or do a fitness class where you know and like the people you are going to be training with. And this last bit is crucial…you can go to a fitness class because you know it’s good for you, but you won’t keep going unless it’s fun and you like the people you’re working out with. It is as simple as that. So if you’ve tried exercises classes before and not managed to stick to it, it’s not because you don’t have any motivation, it’s just that you haven’t found the right one for you yet. Keep trying.

Sun Rise Energy

Ok, we know this might sound a bit hippy but the mornings are getting lighter with sunrise inching forward by up to two minutes per day. Nothing is more guaranteed to help you feel motivated than seeing the glowing sun pop into the sky.

Set yourself a goal

Whether it is something as simple as accomplish your first push up, lose four pounds, run a marathon or take on your first triathlon, having a goal to work towards which enables you to track your progress makes all the difference in staying motivated.  All the clients who book our courses are invited for a one to one session where we help them assess a target that means something to them. Although even those who don’t do our courses can be part of our free Challenge community.

Get yourself a habit

It sounds counterintuitive but the easiest way to get your mojo is to do some form of exercise every day. It will take an effort to begin but if you just schedule in sometime in your day, every day where you have to commit to doing something, you will soon find that you don’t feel right if you don’t.

Last month, we challenged our community to run every day in January and in February we set them a flexibility challenge to do every month. All of them have either children, a job, their own business or all of the above but they have accomplished it simply because they have committed to it and have scheduled it into their day, either straight out of bed, in between making the dinner and serving it or after the kids have gone to bed. Even if it’s just 10 squats per day for one month, you will feel the difference in motivation and your sense of achievement.

Sign up to  InstaIMG_1830-2gram

OK, so the whole fitness selfie thing has gone a bit overboard of late. But if you’re new to exercise or restarting, taking a photograph of your fitness workout every day or the meal that you
have made works as a fantastic visual journey of your progress. When you’re suffering from the doldrums (or a hangover) and are feeling like you don’t want to workout, look back over the month for a picture that inspires you and reminds you how you felt after your workout and it could be that one thing that helps you to lace on your trainers. (For inspiration you can follow us @fitbitchbootcamp)



Good luck! If you do need help with motivation, don’t miss our next four week course Fit Body Blitz starts February 22nd at Hove Lawns at both 6am or 7am.

Interested about courses in Queen’s Park, Worthing or Shoreham? Email us to get on our database and be the first to hear of our Summer launches. Our courses are only open to a maximum of 12 women per camp.

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What We Do

April 13, 2011 at 7:51
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Fitbitch Camps – be inspired, be inspiring

Our original four week camps, launched in 2009 with just three women. We’ve come a long way since then, helping hundreds of women to lose weight, eat well and discover a lifelong love of fitness. Not to mention a perkier butt.

Since launching on Hove seafront, we expanded to offer women-only fitness and well being solutions in Queen’s Park, Brighton, Lewes & Worthing.

Fitbitch has always been, first and foremost, a community of supported and supportive kick-ass women.

Since Covid-19, we transformed our business with even better results for our clients. Now offering online classes that offer greater flexibility in payment options along with more regular consistent exercising.


So, what can you expect from our online and outdoor sessions?

Founder of Fitbitch, Rachael is leading specialist in women’s fitness, sports and well being. She has developed classes – outdoors and online that will get women the BEST results.

Whether you in your twenties and want to look as amazing while juggling a big social life, you are postnatal and want to know you are in safe hands while getting back into peak shape, or you’re forties plus and want to avoid the marshmallow effect of the hormone volcano, Fitbitch delivers.


Strength and stability workouts with kettlebells, body weight workouts that give you a satisfying ache, pelvic core control, boxing and more, Fitbitch online and outdoors supportively challenge you to become a stronger, fitter, more supple you.


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