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Girls Run the World Testimonials

August 10, 2015 at 2:58
Posted by Rachael Woolston

It was a race and a tour of Palma in one

Lyndsey Clay

I signed up for Palma during a bootcamp, feeling inspired by the fitness kick and the all female group of fun girls who were also signing up. Also thought it was a great challenge to do my first half marathon and make a weekend of it, and keep up the fitness I’d worked up at bootcamp (and lose a few pounds in the process!)

On the run sessions designed to train us for the half, we were all listing the same worries of coping in the heat, hoping we wouldn’t get an injury, what to eat before a race, what to wear and ensuring we were fit enough to get a good time! It was great to train with the girls and get to know them ahead of the trip. So it felt like going away with friends by the time the departure date came around.

The trip itself was amazing, we had a beautiful hotel, went to lovely restaurants as a group and had time and space to do our own thing. Smaller groups went out on different trips and at times we’d all bump into each other, or give each the run down of top tips we’d experienced in case anyone else fancied doing the same thing. Other times we all just sunbathed or drank cocktails. It was fab!

The race was so well organised, funny with 25 women at the start line as it just took one girl to say “ I need the loo” and 24 girls then thought “i need the loo”! So queues for porta loos followed! There was great camaraderie at the start line, and throughout the race we cheered each other on. It was a race and a tour of Palma all in one and i loved seeing parts of the city i would never have gotten to as a normal tourist. The live music on route helped keep up momentum, and the many water stations helped keep us cool as it was pretty warm. Passing the finish line was amazing, and i’ll never forget it. Or getting to put flip flops on afterwards – heaven! Standing in the sun with our medals, beers and bananas with all the girls and their smiley faces was one of the best moments for me. We were all battered but loved it. And we’d done it!

The evening celebratory meal just topped it off, we had an amazing room in a historic restaurant all to ourselves, drank too much wine and nattered all evening about our race experiences. Everyone was so supportive, and we were all super proud of each other. I absolutely loved it!

Lyndsey Clay, 36, Corporate Planning, Girls Run the World, Palma trip 2012



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