Marathon Training Testimonials

Marathon coaching helped me beat my PB by over 13 minutes


Personal coaching with someone who is not only a running coach but who has been there, done the training and knows what’s its like to be injured is essential .

I’ve paid for lots of personal training in the past, and no one had the specific understanding of what’s involved in marathon training like Rachael did. The exercises that were set not only focused on what I needed to run a marathon strongly (and beyond – I’ve done an ultra since), but on pinpointing my individual weaknesses so that I could work on improving them.

My stability and core strength are now really strong which has made me a better marathon runner, as well as helping to improve and my endurance and ability to cope with hills and off-road terrain.

Also, having someone as a mentor who I could ask for advice really helped me to pick up tips that were real breakthroughs, such as nutrition advice. I’d often felt sick towards the middle and end of long runs and discovered I didn’t need to take on as many gels as so much running advice made me believe. I also focused on eating more protein and less carb loading.

My goal was to improve on my previous personal best of 4 hours and 13 minutes. I thought I could just manage 4 hours 10minutes but my dream was four hours, which is exactly what I got!
Having such personalised support and coaching was crucial because it enabled me to fit my training around my busy job, secure in the knowledge that the coaching was targeted to helping me achieve my goals.
I not only got a personal best but I enjoyed my training and still managed to have a social life too!
Cath Bevan, 49, paediatric consultant