Who knew exercise could be so much fun and still create such life altering changes

emma Williams BeforeEmma Williams After

Five years ago I was an overweight, drinking, smoking party girl who thought exercise was for people with nothing better to do. I didn’t even own a pair of trainers and used to drive my kids to school three roads away.

Who knew exercise could be so much fun? We do everything from boxing and kettlebells, to playground sessions using zip wires. And you even get fun photos on Twitter which really help spur you on.

When you join FitBitch, you become part a community of like minded women, and get trainers who really care about you. They give you exercises specific to you body and fitness level, not the group.

I’ve lost over two stone and FitBitch has given me the confidence to do away with old defintions of who I thought I was. It’s made me realise I can do anything.

Emma Williams, 43, homeopath