Fitbitch Free Rides – road & MTB for women

Fancy training for a women’s only MTB race or a road bike sportive? Then join our women-only free rides coming soon

Last weekend,  18 Fitbitches, two thirds of them first timers, took on a sprint triahtlon in Ardingly. It involved a 500m swim, 23kms road bike, and 5km run.

It was preceeded by three weeks of FREE Fitbitch triathlon training, which saw us battling the wind and rain on our first session, only to be rewarded by sunshine on our second session. And before you think, ‘Oh well, I bet you are all super fit and always done sport,’ think again.

Dream Challenge Runner Up, Lesley Woolf, 50, underwent spinal surgery a few years ago and hadn’t exercised for years. Our other Dream Challenger, Adriena Vorosova, 29, used to weigh 15 stone and had never taken part in any events until last weekend.

‘I would never have dreamed that I’d wake up early on a Saturday morning and go cycling up the Downs in the wind and mist but it was amazing,’ she says. ‘Completing the triathlon and overtaking some guy on his bike was the best feeling in the world.

‘It’s changed how I feel about myself and my capabilities.’

She was joined by our Dream Challenger, winner Bec Taylor, 38, who started with us 12 weeks ago, and who has lost over one stone, and gone from never exercising to now having completed an Obstacle Race and Sprint Triathlon.

Here at Fitbitch, we are all about community. All 18 women achieved their goals, because of being part of supportive community that helped inspire and motivate them to realise that anything is possible.

NOW, we want to help inspire a whole new group of women into road biking and mountain biking. To help YOU feel confident about taking part in competitive events on a bike, whether on road or trail.

So, we’re launching both a MTB group training for Stilettoes on Wheels, and a road bike group training for 73mile Wiggle Sportive South Downs 100.

You will need to able to ride a bike to join and have some level of fitness. We are offering them FREE as it will rely on each individual playing their part, whether it’s being aware of the route, helping out a rider less speedy than you, or helping to push a pace or ride a tricky trail.

BUT first, we need to know the best days and times for the rides. If you are interested in joining our Fitbitches Ride groups, please click HERE and fill in our survey. They are likely to run between July – September.