How much exercise should you do to see change?

Many of us were sold the idea that just a bit of walking a few times a week would help us get in shape. It is better than nothing but if you really want to lose weight, change body shape and improve your health, it’s not just about consistency but HOW you exercise that makes the difference…



Strength Training

What does strength training even mean? It could be body weight, you could use a kettlebell, dumbbells, anything that is heavy enough to create a challenge to your muscles so that they are forced to adapt and change.

If you’re NOT lifting weight and only running or doing yoga, then you’re missing out a major part of your fitness training that helps to balance your hormones (did you know that lifting weights increases your levels of testosterone which can be beneficial if you are going through a particular hormonal stage of life?), and lowers your risk of type two diabetes, stroke and heart failure.

And for all those women who worry that it will make them look bulky, it is very hard as a woman to bulk up. Strength training helps to generate muscle mass, which is more active than fat tissues, meaning that the more muscles you have, the more calories you burn.

If you are not lifting weight regularly, particularly if you’re in your forties or over, re-think your workout routine. Strength training will radically change how your body looks.


Cardiovasular workouts

Trying to lose weight by running?  Cardiovascular exercise (when combined with healthy eating) CAN help you lose weight BUT the crucial factor is that it needs to be of moderate intensity Рabout 85% of maximum heart rate.

For a very few people, walking briskly will represent 85% of max heart rate but for the majority of us, this or running at a conversational pace will not.

So, if you want your running to help you lower your health risks, and your weight, you need to increase the intensity of your runs a few times per week.


Social fitness

Studies show that loneliness, or social isolation can increase your health risks by up to 32 percent. So, not only is exercising with others or being part of an online group easier because you’re motivated and inspired by others, just being with others could help increase your ability to avoid health risks.


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