HiiT returns for the summer

If you can’t commit to one of our full courses but still want to get fit, flexible and strong, try our 30 minute high intensity interval sessions


Fitting everything in that you know you should for a healthy, well balanced life is, well, just a bit hectic. The irony is, the older you get, the more important it is to stay active.

As women, we begin to lose muscle mass by up to half a pound a year from our early thirties. And by our forties, if we are not doing meaningful, focused strength work (and this means more than walking) we run the risk of our bodies ageing far more quickly than they should.

With less muscle mass, we don’t burn as many calories, result – weight gain. But it’s not just the aesthetic issues that we need to worry about.

Less muscle means it affects our hormone balance and can also lead to the onset of sacropenia, the wasting away of  muscle mass that affects balance, function and strength in older age.

That’s where HiiT is brilliant for busy, working women, mothers and fathers (yes, HiiT Squad is also open to men). You get a 30 minute, super-effective strength session and it’s easy to fit it in.

It’s also super-effective for cyclists and runners enabling you to build up your strength without it impacting on the time you spend doing the thing you love the most – running and cycling.

Anyway, it’s back on a trial basis at Hove seafront at 8pm-8.30pm on Wednesday evenings and at The Level at 6.30am or 7am on Fridays starting from Weds May 10th.

It’s £10 per session, £45 or 5 or £80 for 10.