What I Offer

Fitbitch Camps – be inspired, be inspiring

I launched the original four week Fitbitch Boot camps in 2009 with just three women. Back then, women’s fitness options were legs, bums and tums and lifting tiny weights.

My mission was to empower women through exercise, to help them get stronger, fitter and discover a love of working out for how it made them feel as opposed to what it said on the scales.

Since launching on Hove seafront, it expanded to offer sessions in Queen’s Park, Brighton, Lewes & Worthing.

But with Covid-19, I adapted the business with even better results for Fitbitch women, now offering outdoor and online classes.

The outdoor and online sessions welcome women of all ages. But my mission is to now transform the conversation and perception of exercise for women forties plus.

Strength, power, mobility can be enjoyed NO MATTER what your age.


So, what can you expect from our online and outdoor sessions?


Strength and stability workouts with kettlebells,  pelvic core control, boxing and more outdoors.

Online, I focus on strength workouts and yoga, helping to maximise strength gains and muscle, to fire up your metabolism and increase those feel good endorphins.