March 18, 2020 at 6:20
Posted by Rachael Woolston

As increasing numbers of people go into self-isolation, get your home or garden set up with some affordable at home workout kit and join us for online workouts via Zoom…

Suspension Trainer from Decathlon, £11.99

Suspension Trainer

This bit of kit is fantastic, allowing you to work your entire body, perfect for both beginners and the more advanced. You do need somewhere to hang it.

Either wrap around a branch of a tree in the garden or a park, or buy a pull up bar and affix it to this.


Pull Up Bar

Pull up Bar

We LOVE a pull up bar here at Fitbitch HQ and over the years have built the strength to accomplish them, and then let it lapse. There’s nothing more satisfying than achieving pull ups. And even if you can’t, working your way towards them really works you HARD!

Most importantly, it builds up those shoulders, lats and back muscles which become weak due to office work – perfect for the swimmers and triathletes out there. Or indeed for anyone who wants to get fit.

If you have a sturdy doorframe, this just clips over it without the need for any drilling or screwing. And it then gives you a bar from which to hang a suspension trainer (although be careful, certain movements on the suspension trainer may not be stable).

Try the Opti Multi Pull Up Bar, £19.99, which has different grips which make some of the pull up varieties easier.


Power Bands

Power bands

We call them power bands because these simple, innocent looking resistance bands are mighty powerful when used in the way. Available from Decathlon in a range of weights, from 25kg upwards, you can fix it to a staircase and sprint against it for resistance sprints, loop it around a pull up bar and under your knee to help give you a bit of a lift, use it to stretch your hamstrings…the list is endless. We love ’em! A word of warning, get the right resistance for your body size although starting from £7.99, you can’t go wrong.

Pilates bands

Smaller, light resistance bands are BRILLIANT for exercises for your glutes and for the smaller shoulder and lat muscles for swimming drills. And they’re super cheap (and don’t clutter up your home). Definitely worth getting a pack. Try Decathlon’s Dyamba Mini Rubber Resistance Bands, £3.99

Skipping Rope

If you have not used a skipping rope since school days, you’re missing a trick. Hugely useful for building cardiovascular fitness and for developing plyometric power, replicating the exact same muscle use as running. Skipping workouts can develop your running power, efficiency and technique. And get you pretty damn fit!


Want to join our LIVE online workouts during Covid-19. Sign up to learn more.

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Get fit during COVID-19

March 13, 2020 at 12:34
Posted by Rachael Woolston



The world has gone crazy but it’s always good to focus on the positives. If your office has shut down and you have more time in the morning without the commute, join us at Fitbitch

Small groups, outdoors in the fresh air, use the time out from London commuting to get fitter and stronger on Hove seafront.

We are offering two week trials to new members whose work has been affected by the virus, for £20 starting either 16th March or March 30th.

The same rules apply as elsewhere; if you’re experiencing any symptoms that may put yourself or others at risk, don’t attend. But if you’ve just been forced to work from home, come and make the most of it!

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#fitbitch10in10 – Come on a wild camping adventure

June 7, 2019 at 7:10
Posted by Rachael Woolston

If you fancy getting away from it all, it doesn’t have to cost the earth or take up hours. Reset and reboot with us on our one night wold camping adventure this June 14th…



You don’t have to go hiking up mountains in the Himalayas to have an adventure. One of my absolute favourite things to do is to go wild camping. There is nothing more freeing than packing a sleeping bag, jumping on my mountain bike and spending the night out under the stars.

Witnessing the sunset, hearing the birds singing, sheep bleating and watching the sun rise again the next morning is a truly magical experience. There are not many moments in life when you can simply just be, but wild camping gives us that unique connection to nature. So, settle down in your sleeping bag and join us for a mini adventure on our #fitbitch10in10 wild camping challenge.

Here is all you need to know about having a wild camping adventure:


A sleeping bag, sleeping mat and layers to keep you warm through the night are the basic essentials, including a hat, thick socks and a couple of layers of clothing. Even on the warmest days it can get chilly in the middle of the night and keeping toastie head and toes ensures an easier night’s sleep. 

If you have a mini camping stove that isn’t too bulky to carry, it is a luxury to be able to make hot drinks, but a flask of hot chocolate for the evening and another for coffee in the morning is also sufficient. 

A bivvy bag provides protection from dew and damp but isn’t essential on a dry, warm night. 

A phone/camera to capture the sunrise!


Don’t expect to get much sleep

Wild camping is an opportunity to witness the life around us, don’t expect to sleep as you would in your own bed. It is a wonderful experience sleeping under the stars and the peace of being outdoors at night is to be treasured. Expect a bit of discomfort, but it is worth it for the sunrise in the morning. 


Take snacks

It’s nice to enjoy some delicious snacks on to munch and a Kindle so that you can read in the dark

A camping stove or flask of hot drinks 

It is comforting to have a hot drink before bed and nice to wake up to a flask of coffee, most decent flasks will keep coffee hot until morning.