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GRTW Get Together Race, Brighton Half Marathon

February 25, 2018 at 8:15
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Join us at our Girls Run the World Get Together Events at the Brighton Half marathon in 2018. You’ll need to enter the race yourself but come and meet us at Yellowave for the warm up and send off to the start line. We’ll be there to cheer you in at the end too.

Meet at 8.35am at Yellowave, after you’ve dropped your bags off which will give you plenty of time for a warm up and to get to your pens. It’s a busy race.

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GRTW Get Together Race, Maverick Original Sussex

February 24, 2018 at 7:30
Posted by Rachael Woolston

To help inspire and bring the women of GRTW from the UK together, we’ve created a series of get together events some with our race partners who have provided exclusive discounts to GRTW community.

This is one of them, a beautiful off-road run in West Sussex offering a variety of distances to suit everyone. if you want to read about the maverick races, you can read our blog about their Kent race, form one of our runners, Sarah Crosier.

We will meet at the race for a warm up and the post run celebration. Wear your GRTW t-shirts to help identify yourself.

For the 15% discount, you must be subscribed to our community which you can do via our website. There is a team Girls Run the World on the entry when you enter so search for us as a team.

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Running for Beginners

January 9, 2018 at 6:30
Posted by Rachael Woolston

If you’re new to running or are just coming back to it after a long time off, join us for this fun ten week introduction to running. This is designed to a be stress-free, enjoyable route into running where there will be no pressure to run at a certain speed or a certain distance.

Using fun fitness games and unique mental strategies, we’ll help you to improve your running fitness and distance without you realising that you’re even running. We now have over nine years of helping to coach women of all levels, but a vast majority as beginners, to become runners and to ENJOY running.

The course is designed in such a way that it doesn’t matter if you have to miss a week now and again although we have a Facebook support group where you can also get tips and advice.

If you want to have a target, we can also give you that and help  you to achieve it.

The aim for every one is that in ten weeks, we will all graduate together by doing park run on Hove Prom, where you will no only run and complete it, but even feel confident to sprint to the finish line.

There will be no session on half term week.



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GRTW Run Workshop: Running Technique

September 30, 2017 at 10:00
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Did you know that the way that you swing your arms or hold your head as you run could contribute or prevent you getting injured as you run?
Moreover, if you get your technique right – and it does take practise – you could improve your pace, particularly over long distance events of half marathon and above.

If you want to learn how you could improve YOUR running technique to prevent injury and improve your speed, join us for this 75 minute outdoor workshop.

We will break down how the body moves as you run, focusing on each individual component so you have a better understanding of what muscles are activated and what muscles SHOULD be activated. You will need to bring a phone with enough memory to take video (even better if it can take slo-mo) and a notepad and pen.

Working in pairs, you’ll video each other and we’ll then go over your videos so that you can assess your own style. Seeing firsthand on video how you run is one of the most effective ways of ensuring you make changes.

You will need to bring a mat and a phone that has enough memory on it to take video. Also bring a notepad and pen so that you can take notes.

N.B Please note that we will re-schedule this if poor weather (heavy rain) is forecast for the day. There will be limited spaces.

Meet at the stands at Preston Park Velodrome (far side/west) of the track. Parking is by meter in the park.

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Race Review: Beat the Tide 10km

August 12, 2016 at 5:18
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Fancy a race that uses nature to give the event a clever twist? Fitbitch runner, Andrea Childs reports on a 10km where you battle the incoming tide for the finish line…

Sandy sprints

Sandy sprints


A total of six Fitbitches travelled to Worthing for this year’s Beat the Tide, an annual 10k race organised by Sussex Trail Events ( It’s a one-of-a-kind event for anyone who knows the pebbly beaches of the South Coast. At this time of the year, the tide goes out far enough to reveal some rarely seen sand, a wide enough strip to run along and indulge your wildest Baywatch Babe fantasies. Unfortunately, having arrived late for the 7pm start, the Fitbitch crew were less Pamela Anderson, looking California tanned in an orange swimsuit; more sweaty, stressed Brightonians in our trademark purple running tops.

It had all started so well. Facebook race page posted in the Fitbitch runners group (we have these for all events, to help keep track of which Fitbitches are taking part which helps motivate you to get involved too – you can join HERE). Lifts organised (that’s the beauty of running as part of a community; there’s always someone to share a ride with). Sun shining (okay, we didn’t organise that bit, but it’s always a good omen for a race). And then we set out for the roughly 14-mile drive along the coast from Brighton to Worthing.

The journey usually takes around 35 minutes. On that evening, a combination of rush-hour congestion and a traffic accident meant that despite setting off before 6pm, one car arrived at 7.05pm and the other at 7.25pm. Fortunately for the first car, the organisers had realised the traffic was a problem and had delayed the start by a few minutes, meaning that at least two of us began the race on time. When they finally arrived, the remaining four Fitbitches were warmly welcomed and allowed to start the race half an hour late, following the footprints in the sand left by the other Beat the Tide runners. The organisers even called the marshalls along the course to let them know they were coming. Fortunately, they managed to catch up with the tail-enders before too long.

The race itself couldn’t have been better – a straight dash along the beach and then coastal path from Worthing to Widewater Lagoon in Shoreham, and back again, with only a short sandy beach sprint to join the two sections. Along the way, children cheered from the groynes, kite surfers skitted along the surf and marshalls handed out drinks (there were two stations) and jelly sweets. The atmosphere was fun and friendly, with lots of local club runners taking part, plus a couple dressed (I think) as Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. And because, as the race marketing says, we were ‘racing against nature’ – the incoming tide – there was a cutoff of two and a half hours for participants, although none of us found ourselves paddling to the finish. One of the Fitbitches placed third woman. And as our last runner approached the line, the sun setting behind her, the rest of the crew ran down to support her over the last few metres as she finished her first 10k race and was handed her medal (there was one for every finisher). We’ll definitely be back next year. We’ll just leave longer to get there next time.

Being part of a running community helps keep you motivated and inspired - plus there's always someone to share a post race celebratory cocktail

Being part of a running community helps keep you motivated and inspired – plus there’s always someone to share a post race celebratory cocktail


Review in Brief: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The good

A chance to shun the pebbles and run along a sandy beach. Fantastic welcome from the race organisers, despite our late arrival.

The bad

The headwind was great for kitesurfers but not so much for runners. And be aware that there are no toilets provided.

The ugly

The traffic. Maybe we can cycle to the start next year?

If you would like to join our running community, sign up for our newsletter for details of all our Autumn Winter courses, as well as community races and Girls Run the World trips to races around the world.



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Running for women – become a TrackStar!

June 3, 2016 at 1:23
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Running is one of the simplest and easiest ways of getting fit but learning new techniques and ways of running will help you to improve and keep boredom at bay. Here’s how…


When you first start running on one of our Learn to Run 5km courses or perhaps the Couch to 5km that you follow on your phone, it can seem like reaching that 5km is the only goal that you will ever achieve with running and you’ll be happy with it. Yet, little by little, that voice inside your head starts to say, ‘Ooh, it would be nice to run a little bit faster or further.’ Or, alternatively, ‘Why does this STILL feel difficult?’ or ‘If I run this route one more time, I’m going to go insane.’

Small wonder as while we like habits and routines to make us feel comfortable, as humans, we also need stimulus to keep us interested and most importantly to ensure we progress which is vital. Because whether you are competitive or you just run for fun, seeing yourself get faster or run further or simply run the same distance but for it to feel easier is the thing that inspires us to keep running.

So, if you are looking for something that will help you to improve your running, meet others not to mention get your pins looking tip-top for summer, why not try one of our NEW courses launching NEXT WEEK Monday June 6th.


Always wanted to see what it was like to run on an athletics track but been too intimidated to try? Well, now you can with our brand new, fun track sessions at Withdean Stadium.

The sessions are suitable for EVERY level from beginner to the advanced, the sessions will be a mixture of pace and interval work but in the usual Fitbitch style so they’ll have a little twist in the tale to make these sessions fun, innovative and super effective.

When: Mondays, 10am. Pay for the full course or single session drop in. On week one, please meet Tara in reception. Book here choosing courses or drop in as appropriate

Run for the Hills

Nothing gets you fitter or develops your running more than hill repeats. It builds strength in the legs and gluteal muscles and also mental fortitude, one of the most important elements for any runner. This course focuses on helping you to develop the correct technique for running up and down hills. And doing it in a group means it gets done!

This current summer course will also include yoga for runners after every session, weather dependent. This course in particular will get you ready for TrailBlazer 8km (July 30th) the Phoenix 10km, as well as laying the groundwork for any trail half marathons in September.

When: Weds, 7pm, Alternate weeks Hove Park and Preston Park, full course no drop ins


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Weekend Run

November 8, 2015 at 8:20
Posted by Rachael Woolston


Drop in for this social, off-road run that takes in the Downs and the sea. The run will be no longer than 10km and all speeds are welcome.
Those who are doing the Three Molehills Race with us, can stay on for further hill training if they wish.

Meet: Brighton Marina, Asda car park, 8.20am for an 8.30am departure. Parking free.

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When to start training for the Brighton Half or Spring Marathon

October 21, 2015 at 12:12
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Knowing when to start training for a race, and then executing it correctly, is one of the most important key stages in enjoying both your training for the Brighton Half or a spring marathon and the race itself.

Preparation is KEY to ensuring you reach the finish line feeling this good

Preparation is KEY to ensuring you reach the finish line feeling this good

Of course, when to start training also depends on how ‘run fit’ and conditioned you currently are, your running experience AND what your race goal is. Not to mention your lifestyle and family commitments.

There is no point setting out on a grand, ambitious training plan and forgetting to take into account the fact that you work a 40 hour week, and/or have to juggle looking after your kids and want a social life.

So, what would our advice be?

For marathon virgins, aim for 20 weeks with the first four weeks (and longer if you can) spent on building up strength with a weights class (try our HiiT SQUAD or Marathon Foundations class at 6.15am, 7am or 9.30am) along with your endurance running base; the more you get out running now, on short runs, the more your legs will get used to running which is better for the long term.

Only running the Brighton or Worthing Half? Total beginners should look at a 16 week programme, building gradually, although if you already run 5km/10km regularly, a 12 week plan should suffice. But again, getting out now to do shorter runs will help you to build your base and make it easier long term.

Our course Build Your Base Endurance Trail Running Course (four off-road runs of 10-12km over six weeks) starts this weekend and is specifically aimed at helping runners start their training off on the right foot.

In search of a training plan? Nowadays, ALL the event websites have free downloadable plans that you can follow, as we do on our run club website. But if you would like to make a plan specific to your goals, current race times, as well as number of days that you can run, try the brilliant SmartCoach from Runner’s World.

And don’t forget, that no matter where you live in the world, we offer Online Marathon Mentoring for £50 from November to April. Whatever question you have, whether it is to do with nutrition, what to wear, injury worries or falling behind on your training plan, we can help. (Access to the mentoring group is complimentary to those on the marathon foundations course).


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Hove Prom 10km

September 20, 2015 at 10:00
Posted by Rachael Woolston


Join our running community in taking part in this fun, friendly – and flat – 10km along Hove seafront. And for those who wish, join us afterwards for a Fitbitch social breakfast.

Race details here


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Are you READY to run?

September 8, 2015 at 2:46
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Do you always try to take up running but end up injured? Or have you never run before in your life but want to start? Then taking the time to do our prehab/rehab foundation course, which will help you to become a successful, injury-free and efficient runner is the very best place to start.

Whatever your running injury, calf tear, knee pain, back ache or plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis, the root cause is almost always due to weak gluteals (the bottom!) and core muscles.

The bottom and core are the essential cogs to your running engine and yet so many people start running and don’t pay them any attention. The result? At best, a more difficult running experience, at worst, injury that stops you doing what you have come to love.

Our brand new Ready to Run courses, are four week courses open to men and women, and are particularly suited to those who have never run before, or those who have recovering from – or want to avoid – injury. (If you are a new mum, we have a special post-natal course, Ready to Run Mums).

If you have ever been injured and been to a physiotherapist, you know the type of exercises that you are SUPPOSED to do. You also probably never do them.

The Ready to Run courses are all about fun, effective exercises that help wake up the core and gluteal muscles so that when you start running, you are recruiting exactly the right muscles to help you to run and not overcompensating with muscles that will end up being overworked and leave you injured.

If you are looking for a running course where you will just be running, this is NOT it – although we do have courses that range from Learn to Run to intermediate Run for the Hills and Run a Half Marathon plus more. BUT if you want a course that will help you to return to running after injury – or to start your running career off on the right foot, then get set for our Ready to Run, starting Wednesday 16th September.

You can book online by choosing Running Courses, Hove. Or call 07855 742195 for enquiries.

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Run for the Hills

June 17, 2015 at 7:00
Posted by Rachael Woolston


For intermediate runners who can run at least 10km, this seven weeks course is part of our Performance segment, aimed at both men and women.

You do NOT need to that you have to be super fit, but it does mean that you need to already be capable of running 10km and run regulary. It does not matter what speed.

Over the course of the seven weeks, we will improve your strength and stability to create a more functional foundation, before progressing on to building speed, stamina and expertise on the up and down of road and off road trail running.

The sessions will be one hour long and will take place on Hove seafront and Hove Park. We won’t be running long distances, but it will include hill repeats.

Any missed sessions can be made up at Hiit SQUAD Uk.

Cost: £70. Book one space and you can bring a friend (who must be new to all of our brands) for free. You will need to book your place first, email us your friend’s name and we will provide an exclusive booking code.

Coach: Lou

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The FlipBelt, £25

May 7, 2015 at 2:01
Posted by Rachael Woolston

There are few things more annoying than a jingling bunch of keys bouncing  in your pocket when you run. And who EVER manages one of those arm bands which are meant to hold your phone? Here we put the FlipBelt to the test…



Forget the need for zips, this wide piece of elastic sweat-wicking fabric has slits in one side. Slide any objects that you want to carry though the holes and then flip the belt over to keep them safe.

It also includes a key chain so that you can attach them to give you total piece of mind that they won’t somehow jiggle free. So, how did it perform?

I’d been wary of this not sitting properly and moving up and down lots but this was completely secure, even though I managed to squeeze in my IPhone 6 encased in a Survivor case, making it even more bulky. Best of all, it’s so comfortable because it sits around the hips not on the waist for a ‘barely there’ feel.

But how does it fare in races?

I wore this for the London Marathon, but it was a last minute decision as The FlipBelt does not have specific loops or a place for sports gels and so I’d bought a typical waist belt variety.

But one of my friends on the start line showed me how she’d threaded her gels into the openings and just hadn’t flipped it so she could gain access easily as she ran.

‘Don’t they fall out?’ I was dubious but I decided to give it a try, committing the cardinal sin of running 26.2 miles with untested gear (then again, I’d not used gels either but that is for another blog post).

I am so glad I did, because it was brilliant. It was so comfortable, there was no chafing and accessing the gels was easy. The only troublesome part is having to move the belt from back to front to get into the other access points but this was a small price to pay.

I’m now a total convert to this belt. Not only is it functional and performs well in race situations, it comes in a range of colours and looks more like a funky waistband of your clothing than a geeky running belt.

Available from


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Detox & Define Online Workout & Diet, starts Jan 12th

January 6, 2015 at 6:27
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Want to get in shape and lose the bloat of Christmas past with a nourish not punish eating plan along with workouts that take less than 20 minutes a day? Sign up to our introductory online package for just £35

So, how does it work?

You will receive a nourishing eating plan that focuses on protein with high fats, essential for the body, which will make this diet one to enjoy not endure.

The caveat is that you WILL have to cook from fresh but at Fitbitch and Hiit, we are firm believers in the maxim that to lose weight and maintain it you have to LOVE food. And that means cooking it fresh. The eating plan, 25 Day Define lasts for…well, 25 days.

In addition to the eating plan, you will be sent an online exercise programme, complete with videos and pictures to help explain form and technique.

These are simple workouts that can be done by EVERYONE no matter whether you’re a beginner or advanced. They work in less than 20 minutes per day as they are based on the scientifically proven TABATA system, working hard and intense for short bursts for maximum effect. You will be expected to work out every day.

The exercises are easy to follow but should you wish to go through any of the programme with one of our trainers beforehand to ensure correct technique this can be arranged. *

Our exclusive introductory online offer, £35, also includes access to our closed group online Facebook group where you can join the online community, ask questions and get advice. And it will help keep you motivated and sticking to the plan. If you have already signed up and paid for your package, click HERE to join.

We will also be holding you accountable (should you wish!) and asking you to measure and weigh yourself every week and share your results (privately) with us so that we can help you keep track.

If you REALLY want to lose weight and get in shape but you can’t get to one of our camps because you live outside Brighton or simply have childcare/work issues or would prefer not to work out in the morning, this programme WILL work.

Want in? We start January 12th but make sure you book before this date so you have a chance to get prepared. Book it via our Online Diet and Workout option on our booking page


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