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Autumn Burn, Hove

October 2, 2017 at 6:15
Posted by Rachael Woolston


October 2nd – October 26th

Choose 6.15am or 7am time slot at the booking page

Whatever your goal, to get fit, lose weight, start running, build your foundations for a half marathon or marathon, our dedicated, small group, personalised four week course will help you achieve it.

Our four week courses focus on you as an individual, your goals, where you are with your fitness NOW and where you want to be, your body, your mental psychology to help challenge you to get the results that you want.

Outdoor training at this time of the year is also incredibly stunning with spectacular sunrises and crispy mornings that will leave you flooded with feel-good endorphins helping you to stay on a healthy eating track.

Includes a complimentary healthy eating plan.

EARLY BIRD CODE IS AB10 to input at the checkout. it can only be used against a full 12 session boot camp, not drop ins. EARLY BIRD DEAL ENDS 22ND SEPTEMBER.





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Fitbitch Exclusive Members Area

June 21, 2017 at 3:38
Posted by Rachael Woolston


Over the last eight years, we’ve coached hundreds of amazing women who have gone on to become firm friends who have continued exercising and racing together.

And to them, we owe the fact that the name of Fitbitch has become synonmous with motivated and inspiring women, who are inclusive of others no matter what their size, shape or fitness level.

To celebrate all the marvellous women of Fitbitch, past, present and future, we are launching a members only area, where you can connect or re-connect with those you have done camps with. It’s a place to share news, feel inspired by the challenges that others are taking on, get inspired to join in challenges as well as a space where we will offer exclusive discounts and member only events.

To join, you need to have attended at least one boot camp since we started in 2008. It’s free to join.

Join now to access our first Fitbitch Sports Day 22nd July by clicking here.


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Fit’Spiration Hove Seafront

February 20, 2017 at 6:15
Posted by Rachael Woolston


Enter the code tweeteb at the checkout by the end of Feb 1st*

Choose from 6.15am-7am or 7am-7.45am

Get in shape and stop feeling sluggish with our four week course that will get you moving and feeling fantastic, while inspiring you to make healthier eating choices and feel confident about taking on new exercise challenges.

This course is inspired by new trends in exercising so you can expect to feel motivated and energised mentally as well as physically.

Think Yogalates, boxing belles, athletic conditioning and lots and lots of fun!

*Code is only valid when booking on the full course of 12.


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Run Fit, Preston Park early birds

January 11, 2017 at 7:15
Posted by Rachael Woolston

For all levels but particularly good for beginners and those returning to running, this four week course incorporates body weight exercises with short running intervals so that you build up strength, stamina and stability for running.

This is particularly good for beginners and improvers who want to build up their confidence without the pressure of thinking about reaching a particular distance.

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Run Fit, Preston Park

January 10, 2017 at 9:30
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Want to get fitter and feel strong and more confident when you run? Then this course is for you.

This 45 minute class involves body weight and resistance band exercises, interspersed with short running intervals of no longer than four minutes. This course enables us to work personally with all levels of runners; if you’re a beginner, you get to run a little bit and stop just when you think you can’t run anymore as we do some strength work. And if you’re a regular runner,  our coaches can challenge you to run the intervals a little faster.

Most of all, this course is about building your fitness and stability so you feel good and gain confidence.

The course runs in four week blocks and there are no single session drop ins in order to allow us to help each runner develop over the course.

On booking the course, you confirmation email will contain a link to a health form which must be filled out before attendance.  Meeting is at the entrance to Preston Park on Preston Drove where the velodrome is.

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Building Distance to 10 miles

September 10, 2016 at 8:30
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Entered The Bright10 miles October 16th? Enjoy the journey to building up to 10 miles with our five weeks of group runs including off-road beautiful trails.

You should be able to run 5km comfortably in order to join this course. We will be doing the runs on a basis of time on your feet though, allowing this course to be suitable for all speed levels.

Please consult our Schedule and Booking page for days as it varies on Saturday and Sunday. You can book this course as a standalone course, or book a season of sunday runs £105 that will take you thorough to February – or add a full season which includes our trademark Smash Your PB, RunStrong, RunFit and many other courses.




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Learn to Run 10km Trails

March 6, 2016 at 8:20
Posted by Rachael Woolston


Spring trail running, not thing beats it!Fed up of pounding the pavements or simply want to build distance alongside beautiful scenery? Then don’t miss our beginners trail running course.

You must be able to run 5km beforehand (see our Learn to Run 5km courses) but it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you are. This four session course (over five weeks, not including Easter Sunday – consult our booking page for exact dates including one Saturday) will help you to build your confidence, learn new running techniques and, most importantly, provide you with lots of new routes to help you maintain your running mojo.

It will also get you ready for a 10km trail race on April 24th if you choose to finish your course with a crowning achievement!

Coach: Tara



March 6th,  Meet First car park on Devil’s Dyke Road AFTER the fork (4 miles)

**Saturday March 12th – Second car park on Devil’s Dyke Road just PAST the Golf Farm sign on the RIGHT (5 miles) map

March 20th – Stanmer Park, car park nearest the tea rooms and church car  (6 miles) map

March 27th – Easter Sunday no run

April 3rd – Devil’s Dyke Pub Car Park (7 miles)  map

Members: £30 (drop in £8)

Non Members: £40 (drop in £11)


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#womens100 – women’s cycling

July 21, 2014 at 11:47
Posted by Rachael Woolston

On July 20th, as part of our new women’s cycling initiative #fitbitchrideseries, we joined Rapha’s bid to get 8000 women cycling 100km

Hot, hot, hot, is how the day started and ended. But with a bit more sweat, grime and chain grease, etched onto calf muscles and smeared on faces, at the finish.

Cycling 100km is no mean feat. Add on almost 50km more, as some of us did, and it becomes a battle of mind over aching muscles and fatigue (unless your name is Anna Stavrianakis, who is a champion cyclist in the making).

But six of us took part last weekend, with two of the Fitbitch crew, Paulina Alwin and Elouise De Santo, both beginners, doing the ride with the Breeze Network. Set up to encourage more women into cycling, all their rides are free and perfect for beginners.

Meanwhile, another five (one cyclist met us en route) rode almost 150ms, out and back to Box Hill in the North Downs, which formed part of the Olympic cycling route.

Summiting Box Hill, the cafe was full of cyclists. Still, mostly male but at least we knew our contribution to Rapha’s campaign, #womens100, helped swell the numbers of female cyclists out on their bikes around the world that day to 7538, just shy of their 8000 target.

Here at Fitbitch though, we are not content to sit back and increase participation for just that one day. Our ongoing target is to see women getting on their bikes and being part of a competitive, but supportive cycling community.

So why not join our #fitbitchrideseries? You can read about it more HERE.

It is completely FREE. All we ask is that you participate, both in taking part AND in helping out. This will mean taking your turn in helping to ride at the back of a group, and ride/lead at the front of a group that suits your pace.

If you are a beginner who just wants to cycle socially, the Breeze network is the ideal solution.

Alternatively, the #fitbitchrideseries is about training for an event, whether it’s MTB women’s only race, Stilletoes on Wheels, or a cyclo sportive. This does NOT mean that you have to be super fast or super fit. Just willing to train to improve and enter races. We will have different paced groups suitable for different speeds.

We have workshops coming up on bike maintenance, how to ride in a peloton, single track MTB and much more. To find out more visit our Timetable. All of the specific details of training rides will be posted in our closed Facebook group.  Request to join HERE.

 Our Boxhill ride in numbers

Cyclists: 5

Total kms: 146kms

Cakes: 1 banana chocolate, 1 Victoria sponge, 2 flapjacks

Water: 15litres. Approx.

Bike crashes: 1

Bike falls: 3

Punctures: 0

Success: 100%

Enjoyment: 100% (except last Devil’s Dyke climb).



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